Ten Reasons to Choose a Mirrix

Maybe you've played around with a wooden frame weaving loom or a little wire bead loom and you're ready to take the next step in your weaving journey. Perhaps you've just discovered weaving and you're looking to start out weaving with the best loom you can buy. It could be that you can't decide if you're into fiber art or bead art and you want a loom that can do it all. Whatever the reason, here are our top ten reasons why you might want to choose a Mirrix for your weaving needs.

1.) Versatility

From tapestry weaving to bead weaving to wire weaving and free-form fiber weaving, Mirrix Looms are incredibly versatile.

2.) Size Options

Mirrix Looms come in eight sizes, from the 5" wide Mini Mirrix to the 38" wide Zeus Loom, allowing you to choose a loom size that best fits your needs. Need help deciding? Get a free loom recommendation below.

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Prevent Pulling-In!

One of the biggest problems beginning tapestry weavers have is that, as they weave up, they begin to pull in the edges of their piece. In the language of tapestry we'd call this drawing in your selvedges. This can cause the piece to look sloppy and uneven.

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The Best Beginner Loom

One question we get a lot here at Mirrix Looms is this: "Can a beginner use a Mirrix Loom"? The answer is a resounding, "yes!"

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FAQ: Tension & Bead Weaving

Tension. In bead weaving, it's a good thing! In fact, it's one of the most important aspects of weaving beads. One of the benefits of weaving beads on a loom is that the loom holds the tension for you and, with a Mirrix, you get perfect tension every time. This, of course, makes for a much better piece!

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FAQ: An Alternative Way to Balance Your Warping Bar

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