Talking Tapestry Webinar: September 3rd, 2015

Mark your calendars for September 3rd at 7:30 pm Eastern Time!

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Let's Talk Looms: Monday, July 13th

Let's Talk Looms is a new blog/social media series by Mirrix Looms. Every Monday we'll post a new weaving-related discussion topic that we'll talk about here in the comments on the blog, on Ravelry, Twitter (with hashtag #letstalklooms), Instagram and Facebook!

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Today's question: What was the first bead or tapestry piece you ever wove? Or, if you haven't woven anything yet, what are you planning as your first piece?

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Help Us Win a Grant!

For over 18 years, Mirrix Looms has been building looms and a wonderful community... a community we hope you are proud to be a member of.

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Mirrix Looms Ambassador Program

Today we are excited to announce the Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms ambassador program!

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The Automatic Mirrix

Introducing a NEW Mirrix Loom: The Automatic Mirrix.

Plug it in and this new Mirrix runs completely on its own! All you need to do is send your design to the loom, ready the supplies and the Automatic Mirrix will do the rest!

No More:
-Sitting for hours in front of your loom
-Picking up those tiny beads
-Having to learn tapestry techniques

Make anything from beaded bracelets to beautiful tapestries with the click of a button!

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What can you create (with hand-painted silk)?

My favorite part of working at Mirrix is seeing what everyone creates. From the work of professionals to your first pieces, seeing customer work always puts a smile on my face.

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Share Your Story!

I love my job, but my absolute favorite part is talking to customers who love their looms. Nearly every day I hear from someone who has discovered his or her love of weaving. To hear how that discovery has brought joy and happiness to that person is always a wonderful feeling. A loom is a simple thing, but it has the ability to bring much happiness to people and we do all we can to facilitate that. Everyone who loves their loom has a story. Maybe it's a story about how he or she got into weaving or how it helped them through a tough time or brought them closer to another person; but it always touches my heart to hear.

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Holiday Hints 2014

Some of us are blessed with friends and family who just know how to choose the perfect gift. They are savvy at picking up on subtle hints and know exactly what you like. But sometimes our loved ones need a little hint about what gifts we're dreaming of.

This is where our fourth-annual holiday hints program comes in! Fill out the form below and we’ll email the person you specify and give him or her a little hint about what you’d really like this holiday season!

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Weaving Rugs Across The Himalayas

Loomy in Dulegaunda (Nepal)
Photo © for @Art Across Frontiers
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Tapestry Tool Box and The American Tapestry Alliance

Nostalgia brought on by our recent attendance at Convergence (the Hand Weaver Guild of America's every two year event) lead me to do some research to rediscover my tapestry past. Searching for "Tapestry Tool Box" I found a letter from Marti Fleischer who was the editor for The American Tapestry Alliance newsletter from 1994 to 2002. I met Marti through mail and maybe even phone conversations, and soon I was writing a column for the ATA newsletter (back in the days when it was mailed to all its members). In her good-bye letter as editor she mentions that column: "In 1994 we began running The Tapestry Toolbox written by Claudia Anne Chase. The article, which continued several years, lent insight into questions about looms and all related tapestry paraphernalia." I apparently also became a member of the ATA Board. Thank goodness for the internet to kick start my past! The ATA began in 1993.

I first met Marti in an elevator the day I arrived at my hotel to attend that first Convergence (it was the first Convergence for ATA as well!). I was wearing a long silk dress and my long dark hair hung way past my waist. Because there was no room in the elevator, I stood on my suitcase. Marti walked into the elevator and I recognized her right away (don't ask me how; maybe I had seen a photograph of her). I said hello and told her who I was. She looked up at this six foot tall woman (remember all 5 feet 2 inches of me was standing on a suitcase) and she said: "Oh my gosh, I thought you were Cher!"

Those three years of articles are buried somewhere in my attic. I have no idea what they were about!

I will never forget that first Convergence. I traveled there by car with three other weavers (I was the only tapestry weaver). I was living in Wisconsin and Convergence was in Minneapolis. The year was 1994.

My greatest memory of the event was attending the the tapestry exhibit and the Small expressions exhibit. The only huge tapestries I had ever seen before included images of unicorns and castles. This exhibit was mind blowing. Most of them were huge. And every single grabbed my full attention. I had to tear myself away. For examples of tapestry please check out the ATA artist page: Plan on going back again and again. But there is nothing like seeing these pieces in person so if there is ever an American Tapestry exhibit near you GO. Once you get there, they will have to force you to leave.

Should you join the ATA? Of course you should. From their humble beginnings they have grown into a strong and important organization tying together this rare species, tapestry weavers. Please visit their website: And while you are at it, check out their Facebook page:

Inspiration abounds!

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