Looking for a Gift for Crafty Kids?

Why are Mirrix Looms the perfect loom for children? The answer is: the same reason Mirrix Looms are the perfect loom for adults. Because they work. They work really, really well.

Would you paint water colors on newsprint?

You could try, but most likely your masterpiece won’t get the kind of attention it deserves because your paper will be dictating the outcome, a not very good outcome. Paint water colors on water color paper and you masterpiece will sing its own praises. You can and will go wrong with inappropriate or inferior materials and tools, but you will never go wrong with high quality materials and tools.

When choosing one loom over another, sometimes price is a factor. Considering how much money one ends up spending on good materials the cost of a loom, even a high-end loom like a Mirrix, is actually minor in comparison. You lay out money once for your dream loom and then you spend the rest of your life filling it up with beauty. It never breaks. It never goes out of style. It never disappoints.

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New: Bead Weaving "Easy Warp" Sam Loom Package & Ebook

Worried about warping? We have a solution!

With our "Easy Warp" warping method, all you have to do is wrap your warp around the loom! No figure-8s, no warping bar... just wrapping. 

We now have an ebook available to show you how to warp for bead weaving using the Easy Warp method. This ebook also goes into the basics of how to weave a simple beaded bracelet. 

Download the ebook .pdf here!

You can also download the "Easy Warp" warping ebook for tapestry here.

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Weaving on The Easy Warp Sam Loom

Are you ready to start weaving tapestry? With our new "Easy Warp" method and our Basic Tapestry Ebook, it's easier than ever to get started!

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TODAY: Get $10 off of our BRAND NEW Loom!

My name is Sam (Mirrix's resident dog) and today I am excited to... woofwoof...

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Warp Your Mirrix for Tapestry The "Easy Warp" Way!

Recently Mirrix added a new loom to our family of looms. The “Easy Warp” Sam Loom is the perfect loom for beginners interested in tapestry or other types of weft-faced weaving. It is a 12” Loom, but one that comes with just the basics: a frame and a 14 dent coil.

The main difference between the Sam Loom and our other looms is that it is meant to be warped in an easier way. You can also use this method on any other Mirrix Loom!

This way of warping has one main restriction: Your warp cannot be advanced for continuous warping (where you can move your piece to the back of your loom as you weave). This means the length of your piece is restrained by the height of your loom.

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The "Easy Warp" Sam Loom

We are very excited to announce a new member of Mirrix's family of looms! 

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The Sam-estry

I've wanted a tapestry of my dog, Sam, for a few years now. I think I decided that the first time I saw Kathe Todd-Hooker's tapestry of her dog Chene (this one).

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Quality Workmanship: Better for your wallet, better for the environment. Happy Earth Day

It seems like many products these days aren't built to last. We buy things knowing they'll only work for a few years and then we replace them and start the cycle over. We're all aware that this isn't a great system, for our wallets or for the environment, but a lot of the time there isn't much we can do. This morning as I struggled with a broken (AGAIN) espresso machine, I thought about this and reflected upon the seemingly-outdated concept of quality workmanship.

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