Double Shedding Device Ebook

It's here! The double shedding device ebook.

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Weave Along 14: Week Four

Before we begin weaving, please notice which shedding device lifts which threads.

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Weave-Along 14, Week One: Double Trouble: two shedding devices, one loom

Welcome to Mirrix's Weave-Along 14! The first half of this weave along will explore using two shedding devices to weave basket weave/tabby weave. Using these two techniques in the same piece will create texture and allow for greater detail with the tabby weave.

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Double shedding device; double fun!

The fun continues! I am using two shedding devices to create a textured weaving as I mentioned in a previous post when I started this adventure (click here to read the previous post). I had seared into my brain how I thought this would work and how it would look, but I am surprised that my vision is so close to reality. I don't know about you, but I fail as much as I succeed. I guess that's the result of taking risks. I am a devoted risk taker.

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Double shedding devices are fun!

I don't have Elena's fancy lenses here, but decided to take a quick photo with my iPad of the double shedding device weaving. At first, although I was enjoying it, I wasn't lost in it yet. Then I got lost in it and realized that I will most likely weaving a lot of tapestries with this double shedding device method. The next one will be twill. I might have to whip a new loom out of a box because all my looms are full to do that. But for now I am content to work on this piece. I love the texture!

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