An Introduction to Navajo Weaving

I am going to approach my next subject, Navajo weavings, a little differently. Rather than jump into the history of Navajo weaving, I am going first talk about the weavings themselves and the equipment that was used. In part two of this blog I will talk about the actual history.

Cover of book "The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving" by Steve Gutzwiller

I would guess that anyone reading this blog already has some knowledge about Navajo weavings. Whether you've read about them, seen pictures of them or, if you're lucky, have seen the weavings in person, the term Navajo weaving will bring a very specific image to mind. You will remember the stripes and the patterns, the symmetry, the lack of fringe and the density of the fabric. You might also get an image in your head of the vertical looms which are unique to Navajo weaving. Navajo weavings share certain aspects with other weavings, but they also have distinguishing qualities that set them far apart from all other weavings.

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