Leaps and Bounds!

There's nothing like a great class to get unstuck! I am beading a necklace in my loom bead weaving class that is full of increases and decreases. Now that I've been taught what to do, I am just amazed at how simple it is to add that kind of complexity to a design. I chose colors and used them in my sampler to test them out (see my last post). I decided to go ahead with the palette and I just LOVE how it is working out in the necklace. I have to admit that warping with 6o threads was a bit of a jump after my little 10 and 20 warp bracelets. I got so distracted by the counting that I forgot to move my warp bar down and I just started beading. Fortunately, I don't think I need to rotate the warps at all…I do believe I've got enough space on just the front threads. I am weaving away in hopes of having it ready for class on Sunday. Meanwhile….

I am making progress in leaps and bounds!

Julia L. Hecht

Poppyfield Bead Company


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