Win The Tapestry Bracelet Kit for Weave-Along 24!

Mirrix's 24th Weave-Along is a FREE online event. In it participants will learn how to make a beautiful tapestry bracelet. This weave-along was designed specifically for beginners who hope to get some extra support learning basic tapestry skills.

To learn more about this fun (and free) event, click here.

Want to win the weave-along kit? 

(If you already purchased the kit and you win we can either issue a refund for the full cost of the kit or send you a second kit.) 



TO WIN: Tag a friend you think would like to take part in Mirrix's 24th Weave-Along on [ONLY] one of the following three posts:

On Instagram
On our Facebook Group (pinned post)
On our Facebook Page (pinned post)

Winner will be chosen at random on June 1st and contacted via social media. Contest ends at the end of day on May 31st, 2017.

Good luck! 

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Tell us why you #lovetoweave and win engraved heart clips!

The wooden clips on Mirrix Looms are used to hold the warping bar while warping as well as the shedding device if that is being used. 

In honor of Valentine's Day we are giving away a pair of custom engraved heart clips. 

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The Front Page Contest

We are looking for high-quality images of Mirrix Looms and work done on Mirrix Looms to be featured on the front page of our website!

Think: Someone weaving on a Mirrix outside. A Mirrix Loom perched on a table in a beautiful, colorful studio. A tapestry on a wall. A piece of sparkling jewelry. 

For each image we choose to use, we will give the submitter a $20 Mirrix Looms gift certificate and the image will be featured on our website's homepage along with the name and a link to the website/blog of the artist who submitted the image. 


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The "Like My Mirrix" Contest!

Next month is National Craft Month! To celebrate, one Mirrix customer on Facebook will win one of three amazing kits on March 1st March 15th. 

Between now and February 29th March 14th, tag our Mirrix Facebook page in a photo of your Mirrix loom/s. The post with the most “likes” by February 29th March 14th will receive one of three Mirrix kits worth up to $70.00! See below for more on the prize.
Here’s how to enter:
1.) “Like” Mirrix’ Facebook Page here:
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Pin & Win Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Tina Watson on winning Mirrix's Pin & Win Weaving Inspiration Contest. She won over $600 in prizes from Mirrix Looms and our amazing contest sponsors (please take a moment to visit their websites below). 

You can find her winning board here

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Pin to Win Over $600 in Prizes!

Pinterest is a great source for creative inspiration. I love having a place online to organize everything from project ideas to color palettes. If you're a Pinterest-addict like me, or just interested in trying out this visually-focused social network, today we are launching a contest for you!

All you have to do is make a board on Pinterest with pins from the Mirrix Looms website, our sponsor websites and anywhere else where you find weaving inspiration. Then, send us a link and tell us a little bit about your board.

The winner will receive over $600 in prizes including a Mini Mirrix (or $145 towards another loom), three SoftFlex Trios, a $100 Woolery gift certificate, a $20 Weaving Works gift certificate, a $15 Vancouver Yarn gift certificate, an American Tapestry Alliance catalog, rosewood tapestry bobbins, sample cards, and a gift certificate from Halcyon Yarn and the new BeadCreator Bead-n-Stitch software.

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Customer Project Feature: Iowa Aerial Map by Kaleigh Everding

In June we asked our community to submit ideas of what they would weave on their Mirrix Loom if they were given some hand-painted silk. We then choose three people to get free silk with which they could try out their ideas. Here is the final project from one of the winners, Kaleigh Everding.

Here was her idea: “I have been contemplating what to start for my next project and I am very interested in working with geometric designs. Everything I have worked on for the past 4 years has been very fluid and curved, so I want to give a try at something new! I have come across some aerial maps of the eastern Iowa countryside where I call home right now. I would use the maps as a guide to create a geometric design and use the silk to blend and define different areas of the final cartoon. In two months, my husband and I will be moving to Utah, so it would be great to weave something that can remind us of where we grew up and met.”

When I read Kaleigh's description I had a picture in my head of what the mid-west looks like from an airplane; blocks of brown and green and fields and houses and barns and swimming pools. The final project is truly a wonderful representation of that image. Her use of color and technique (has there ever been a better use for pick and pick?) is spot-on. I could stare at this for ages (actually, I have been...)

Her pieces was 21" x 13.5" and the silk was used to mark homesteads on the "map".

Here is the final project.

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Customer Project Feature: Garden of Elivis by Felicitas

In June we asked our community to submit ideas of what they would weave on their Mirrix Loom if they were given some hand-painted silk. We then choose three people to get free silk with which they could try out their ideas. Here is the final project from one of the winners, Felicitas Sloves!

Here was her idea: “With the hand painted silk yarn, I would weave a tapestry using found materials. With the silk yarn being the primary yarn in the project, it will be interwoven with objects such as small pieces of mica, agate slices, bits of fused glass and whimsical items such as pieces of vinyl records and their labels, thin strips of cardboard packaging from beer cartons and cereal boxes, t-shirt strips and dried stalks/leaves from my garden. I know this sounds like one hot mess, but my goal would be a finished tapestry that would be a textural landscape woven with hand dyed silk and incorporated with found materials.”

While we weren't sure what the final piece would look like, we looked forward to what Felicita would pull out of her bag of sundry tricks. She did NOT disappoint! The final weaving was a seamless combination of materials. From concept to execution, Felicita went on a fascinating journey which really spoke to her theme of "A Garden of Elvis." We would love to see more of her fantastical creations! So slow down and really carefully examine every detail in her tapestry. She breaks a lot those strict tapestry rules and yet she does it with such skill and thoughtfulness that it completely works. I guess that's what we loved best about this piece: it was imagined, it was very much off the beaten path and it totally worked!

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Buy a Loom and Get a Chance to Receive $50 Back in Store Credit

Between August 19th and September 1st, for every 15 looms we sell (on we will choose one customer who purchased a loom during that time period to receive a $50 credit to the Mirrix Store.

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Silk Ideas

We have chosen the recipients of free hand-painted silk for our mini contest (click here to learn more about this). We were going to only choose two, but had such a hard time deciding that we chose three. Felicitous, Kaleigh and Pinar are our winners. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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