A Mini Tutorial - Hemp and Button Clasp

If you can tie your shoes, you can make this clasp!


Greetings Weaving Friends!!! As promised, I am posting the instructions for the macrame finishing of my Magical Mosaic Cuff. You can do this using a simple square knot. It really isn't difficult. As I have mentioned before, experimenting with 20 lb hemp warp cords was fun and rewarding. Visible and bold warps are a colorful way to add another dimension to your bead weaving on the loom. The durability, lack of stretch, and array of colors makes hemp a very nice scaffold for heavy beads and the large button. (If you are looking for a source for hemp click here). Czech glass buttons are a stunning way to accent your bracelet - and functional as well. (Here's a source for my buttons).

In pictures, here's what you do to create the clasp….

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