C-Lon Beading Thread

I am often asked what thread I use on the Mirrix Loom. The answer is C-Lon beading thread developed and distributed by Caravan Beads. Why: because it's the best thread I've ever found to use on the Mirrix so I am sticking with it. It doesn't fray, doesn't tangle. I don't have to condition it. It stretches just the right amount and it comes in some of the best colors including the pretty drab neutral ones I do tend to use as loom warp.But let me shed some light on C-Lon because there has been a fair amount of confusion about the difference between C-Lon and S-Lon. I am going to copy the blurb on the Caravan Beads' website that describes how the two came to pass. I have changed only a few words to make it relevant to this blog.


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