A Simple Beaded Bracelet using the No warp ends kit!

After having made the simpTle beaded bracelet I realized that it would have been a bit easier to make it with the no warp-ends kit. I whipped out one of my two mini-mirrix looms and warped it up with the kit. I have been using the mini a lot lately. I go through stages but recently I've been weaving so much and in so many different places, including bed, that I find the mini is a must have when I really want something very little in my lap. I have even woven silk strips on it because I don't always use the shedding device when weaving thin silk strips because it's almost as easy not to reach up and change the shedding device. Plus sometimes I just like to needle weave. It's kind of that "slow craft" moment, which I've been having a lot of lately. I digress.

Why the no warp-ends kit for this simple project? It turns out it is easier (and I am out to prove this point) to fold down the ends of the piece and sew them without those pesky warp end knots and ends. I am glad I tried it without the no warp-ends kit first because it's very doable and I don't want you folks who don't have one and don't want to buy the kit excluded from this very fun, very satisfying project. That being said, it's always nice to find an easier way to to do anything. And if you are like me, turning over and sewing ends of things is not your favorite thing to do!

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