Should You Purchase a Bottom Spring Kit?

What's a Bottom Spring Kit?

A Bottom Spring Kit is a kit that allows you to put a warp coil (spring) on the bottom of your Mirrix Loom, just like you have one on the top. 

What does it do?  

Having a spring on the bottom beam of your loom helps you to keep your warp threads organized while warping and beginning to weave. 

(Image Credit: Susan Murry -left- & Jacqui Johnson -right-)
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Tax Day Sale!

Our Tax Day sale has been extended through Wednesday 4/20/2016! 

It's Tax Day today! Normally taxes are due on the 15th, but because the 16th is Emancipation Day in Washington DC, public employees get the 15th (the closest weekday to the 16th) off of work. For Americans, this means a couple more days to get our taxes done!

To celebrate the end of tax season we are giving you the perfect way to spend your refund!

Today ONLY get 18% (see what we did there?) off any or all of the items below!

Use code taxday2016 at checkout. 

*Restrictions: Cannot be applied to past purchases. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Deals expire at midnight on 4/18/2016 4/20/2016. Only valid at Click here to learn how to enter coupon codes on our website

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Memorial Day Deals!

Through Memorial Day (5/25/2015) we're offering a few Mirrix deals:

Get 15% off the Electric Spencer Treadle with code memdaytreadle
Remember, we also have several other Electric Treadle combination deals through May.

Get 15% off the Bottom Spring Kit with Springs with code memdaybsk

The first TEN people to use code memdaybeadcreator50 will get $50 off BeadCreator Pro
If our shopping cart does not accept the code, that means ten people have already used it.
The next TEN people can use code memdaybeadcreator30 for $30 off BeadCreator Pro
If our shopping cart does not accept either code, that means ten people have already used each one.

The Fine Print
These coupons expire 5/25/2015
Mirrix reserves the right to end or change any promotion
These coupon codes can be used together, but not with other deals, offers or sales
Valid only on
Only ONE copy of BeadCreator (using these sale prices) may be ordered per customer

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The Last (and best) Day of Mirrix-Days!

Welcome to the last day of Mirrix-days, our holiday week of deals.

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Ask Elena: Warp Coil Woes

You may have heard the terms "warp coil" and "spring" thrown around our website. Maybe you understand the references, but maybe you don't. This post is a little primer on warp coils (or springs, they're the same thing) including HOW TO CHOOSE WHICH WARP COIL TO USE and HOW TO MODIFY A WARP COIL TO FIT YOUR NEEDS.

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