$50 off BeadCreator Pro. 6

Want to create your very own bead patterns? BeadCreator Professional 6 is the perfect software for the job! It is fantastic at turning photographs into patterns and allows you to easily make patterns for beading both on your loom and off. 

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Turning Your Photos into Art (plus a free bead pattern and a sale)

There is something so satisfying about taking a beautiful photo and then turning it into another medium such as bead weaving or tapestry.

For tapestry, you would blow up the photo into a cartoon (a full size rendering of the photo) and put it behind the warps, most likely keeping a copy of the photo in sight at the front of the loom. You can do this for bead weaving as well, which I know this because I come from a tapestry background. At first, I would just copy my tapestry weaving methods and apply them to beads. But that was before I discovered bead software that allows you to render a photo into a bead graph. I waded through a couple of bead pattern creation programs before I discovered that the best software for turning photos into bead graphs is BeadCreator Pro. I like other bead programs for other reasons, but PCP seems to be more sophisticated than other bead software in allowing you to tweak the colors of a photograph-turned-bead pattern until you come up with a final product that not only looks like the photo but that does not have five zillion different bead colors. I draw the line at 25 colors, but usually opt for fewer.

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Buy a Loom, Get a Free Bead Pattern!

Get one of three select bead patterns for free with the purchase of any Mirrix Loom from 12/7/2015 through 12/24/2015.

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