The Case Against the $5 Loom


If you've never woven beads or fiber and are on a budget, we think trying out weaving on an inexpensive or homemade loom is a great idea. You get a sense of the craft without investing too much money. 

That said, here at Mirrix we strongly believe that high-quality equipment and supplies are important for every artist and craftsperson to do their best work. In fact, Mirrix Looms were created specifically to meet the needs of a weaver who wanted a portable loom with which she could make professional-quality work.

A Mirrix is like your first nice car or piece of furniture. It's an investment in the best piece of equipment to help you be more successful in your weaving pursuits.

So go get that $5 loom if you want to, but then put it aside and consider a Mirrix. Because you need the best equipment to produce your best work. 

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Sign-Up For Weave-Along 23: The Queen Nefertiti Bracelet

Need the perfect bracelet to wear to holiday parties? Looking for a gift fit for a queen? Make one of these stunning beaded bracelets for yourself and give one to a friend with this gorgeous project named after the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

Get 15% off the kit when you join the weave-along!

Click here to learn more and to sign up!

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Believe in Yourself (A Mirrix No Warp Ends Project)

I have to say, for me this was a NEW experience!!!  I have used looms before, and this is now my 2nd creation with the Big Sister Loom...but I have never used the No Warp Ends Kit on ANY loom!!  So, for me this was some trial and errors, but mostly just FUN!!

So, off I went!  I designed a pattern, put out the beads and was off to warp! 

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Making a Collar for Sam

This post is by Kim Holowatiuk of Sleepy Holow Leather. Learn more about Kim, her business and her work by reading her customer feature post on our blog here.
The first most asked question I get is why only one “L” in Holow? You miss spelled it! Ha ha! My last name is Holowatiuk so Sleepy Holow Leather is just a play on words! The SECOND most asked question is if can share where I get my bracelet or collar “blanks” from!!! I make everything from scratch starting with a hide of leather. There are no short cuts here!
Here is the basic process of how a dog collar is made. I decided that this had to be a collar for Sam! He is such a cutie and I wanted to make something special for him and Elena and with Elena’s permission and input, I made him a customized collar! 
Editor's Note: Sam is the official Mirrix studio dog. He lives in Seattle, WA with his dad and mom (Mirrix CMO, Elena)
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Finishing a long beaded piece without those pesky warp ends.

You can start weaving on the other side of the bar. I like doing this because it's easier to finish this way. When you end weaving next to the bar, it's more difficult to get the warps parallel. It's possible. I just prefer this method.

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Loom Feature: The 38" Zeus Loom

The 38" Zeus Loom is our biggest Mirrix Loom. Named after our late family dog, Zeus, a Lab/Sheperd mix who was large in both size and personality. If you want to make a very large tapestry or bead weaving or even a rug, this is the loom for you.

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Loom Feature: The 32" Joni Loom


This loom is on sale through the end of the day on March 18th! Click here to learn more. 

The Joni Loom was born a month or so after the 16" Big Sister Loom. She is twice as wide as a whole lot taller. This is the loom that inspired us to design a stand. Customers have used her to make large fiber tapestries and even large beaded pieces. Of course, you can make smaller pieces on her, or more than one piece at a time. If you are dreaming big, the Joni might just be the loom for you! 

Fun Fact: The Joni loom wasn't named until a year after her birth. My dear, dear friend Joni said "Why isn't there a loom named after me?" In honor of Joni, both a great friend and an avid Mirrix fan (she owns almost every size we make!), the 32" Loom instantly became the "Joni Loom."

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Loom Feature: The 28" McKinley Loom

We never planned to design a loom size that would fit between the Zach (22") (22") and Joni (32") looms. Then again, new looms seem to have spirits of their own and call us when they need to be materialized (more on that below). How does this loom fit into our stable of looms? The concept is that the McKinley Loom is as tall as his larger sister (32") and brother (38"), but slimmer. When you want height but not as much width, this should be your go-to loom. The 28" Loom is very portable, sits nicely on a table and gives you a lot of room to weave a table runner, tapestry or even a guitar strap or belt! 

Fun Fact: Our customers have the best ideas. For example, when our customer and friend McKinley Murry (along with his mother, Susan) pointed out that when they lined up their family of Mirrix Looms (and between the two of them, they own every size) he noticed a gap. To paraphrase what he said: "You need a size in between the 22" and 32" loom for making table runners, etc." We thought about his idea for at least thirty seconds before we determined he was correct. within a week, the McKinley loom was born and we haven't had one regret. We love the loom and the loom's namesake!

Uses: Bead Weaving, Tapestry Weaving 

Statistics: Weight: 12 lbs Width: 28″ Height: 18 1/2″ – 36″  Makes a piece:  25″ x 59″

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Loom Feature: The 12" Little Guy Loom

History: The 12" Little Guy Loom arrived on the scene about the time we realized that the Mirrix Loom could be used for both tapestry and bead weaving (and of course a bunch of other kinds of weaving).  It is small enough to sit in your lap and can easily be transported. It is a favorite among tapestry weavers who like small format as well as bead weavers. It is available both with and without the shedding device. 

Fun Fact: The Little Guy was for many years our smallest loom, predating the Mini Mirrix and the Lani Loom by many years. 

Uses: Bead Weaving, Tapestry Weaving 

Statistics: Weight: 5 lbs Width: 12″ Height: 11 1/2″ – 17 1/2″  Makes a piece:  9″ x 24″

Want to learn even more about this great loom? Click here if you're interested in the 12" with the shedding device and here if you're interested in the 12" without the shedding device

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Customer Story: Lora Negrito

It's hard not to be impressed by large bead weavings, and Lora Negrito's work is certainly no exception. I was curious about Lora's process when weaving a large piece. This is what she said:
"My process is not that different from the smaller, bracelet pieces that you demonstrate in your videos. The difference, of course, is that the process is repeated 100 times more. Most of my pieces were "smaller," and therefore, I used the traditional method of weaving. But for the larger pieces, the shedding device is essential, giving more strength to the finished piece."

Read below for the rest of our interview with Lora!
Lora's loom warped, before putting on the shedding device.
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