Joan Miró's Tapestries

Tapestries built from Joan Miró's "cartoons"? Yup, and blame it on a one Marie Cuttioli who during the 1920s decided to help revive the moribund ateliers of Aubusson by having them weave tapestries she would then sell in her shop in Paris. Must have been one heck of a fancy shop. She asked all her good buddies (you know, Picasso, Braque, Matisse, the line up) to create full scale cartoons for tapestry. Alas, only Miró, who was fascinated with tapestry, came through.

Why do I even know this? Because my brother and his husband recently were hanging out in Spain and attended the Fundació Joan Miró where, low and behold, hung the Miró tapestry called "Tapestry of the Foundation," a really, really huge Miró tapestry (525 by 700 centimeters). They dutifully took photos which I am sharing with you here.

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