Key Fob or Bracelet, You Decide!

If you are like me (and I am sure many of you or) you are deep into making gifts for the people you love/like most. Yesterday, suddenly, I grabberd all those lovely hand-painted silk strips I had been compulsively weaving and a handful of key chain rings and started combining the two to make key fobs. This is not a new idea. I have been using one of those that I made for myself months ago. I love it because it is easy to find in my purse and it's really very pretty and durable. The one on top is actually two layers and edged with beads. The other four are one layer and not edged because there was no sewing to cover up. All had double key rings.

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The Perfect Gift

There’s a crafty person on your list whose holiday season would be made if they got a Mirrix in their stocking. But you’re just not sure which loom… which accessories… which kit. We have a solution!

Mirrix’s 2014 holiday gift certificate package will make the experience of getting a gift certificate just as exciting for that special someone as the day their new loom comes in the mail.

This package comes with:
-A printed special edition holiday gift certificate from $50 to $500 (you choose)
-Six skeins of 12 yards of our beautiful hand-painted silk
-30 grams of 11/0 Mirrix bead soup. This is a rich combination of Toho and Miyuki seed beads.
-A personalized, handwritten greeting on a beautiful handmade mini card

All packed in a white cardboard box with tissue paper and a Mirrix sticker.

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