Join The American Tapestry Alliance, Save 10% on a Mirrix Loom!

It can be tough to find a Mirrix Loom on sale, but if you join American Tapestry Alliance you'll get a code for 10% off any size Mirrix Loom good for three months after you join AND you get  to benefit from being a part of a wonderful organization dedicated to the art of tapestry weaving.

American Tapestry Alliance offers inspiration, networking, education, discounts  and more. Interested? Click here to learn more about membership!

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American Tapestry Alliance: Join and Get Mirrix Discounts!

From a plethora of resources on their website to hosting exibitions and giving out awards, American Tapestry Alliance is an organization that anyone interested in weaving tapestry should know about. We interviewed Mary Lane, Executive Director of ATA, about the organization, how it began, how it has changed over the years, the resources is provides and more!

Check it out below! 

Everyone who joins ATA automatically gets a 10% discount on a Mirrix Loom. Through the end of October we'll also include a 20% discount on loom accessories when you join*! To get this discount, simply email us after you've joined and we'll send you a discount code that can be used alongside the ATA loom discount you'll receive, or on its own if you already have a Mirrix Loom! 

*Only valid on loom accessories. Can be combined with the ATA 10% loom discount, but no other offers or sales. Discount is valid through 10/31/2016. Only valid on Not valid on past purchases. 

Click here to learn how to enter coupon codes on our website

Nikki Bair, “Ladybug,” 2013, 10” x 4”, hand-dyed silk. Photo: Nicki Bair

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Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour: Weaving Shapes

Update: Our winners are Patricia Mexican and Ginny Mateen. Congratulations!
Welcome to Mirrix's post as part of the American Tapestry Alliance's Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour! Today we will be teaching you how to weave some tapestry shapes; a triangle, a square and a circle. 

What's this blog tour? As a run-up to the American Tapestry Alliance's Tapestry Unlimited: International, Unjuried Small Format Exhibition, ATA launched a blog tour that began on December 23rd. Each week, different artists have shared and will share weaving techniques on their blogs. 

The hope is that these posts will encourage weavers (regardless of experience) to try some new techniques and to enter their work into the Tapestry Unlimited show. 

Every week of this blog tour, you have a chance to enter to win one of two prizes: A one-year membership to the American Tapestry Alliance or a one-year membership to the American Tapestry alliance AND a free entry to the Tapestry Unlimited Exhibition.  
To qualify to win, just leave a comment on this post. We will randomly choose two winners on Tuesday the 19th. 
Current ATA members are not eligible to win.
Ready to get started and to learn about weaving shapes in tapestry? Check out our video, featuring Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase!
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Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour

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