Weaving a long beaded piece without warp ends!

Although I love the No warp ends kit it only allows one to weave on the front of the loom. You can get all sorts of different lengths within that range, but it does not allow you to make a very long beaded piece. I searched my brain for a bit and came up with this idea: Using just the spring bar (that bar that is inserted in the spring once you've warped the loom to prevent the warp threads from coming out when you advance your weaving), no spring and garden variety warp thread (although I exclusively use C-Lon thread) and, of course, a Mirrix Loom you can create a piece as long as your loom will allow. The piece will go all around the loom, so you don't have to figure in warp waste. 

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Loom Feature: The 8" Lani Loom

History: The Lani Loom was originally developed as a dedicated bead loom, but tapestry weavers wanted a portable loom that had the option of a shedding device, and so we added a shedding device as an option.

In the beginning she did not have a shedding device nor the possibility of adding one on. And unlike every other loom she has only one leg. Why? You might ask. The Mirrix legs are intended to fold underneath the loom but the length of two legs that would fit underneath her belly would have to be basically stubs which would not hold her in a balanced standing position. The one leg does fold underneath her. Think of a three legged stool. 

And even though she was really intended for bead weaving she is frequently used for tapestry and mixed media. It's really just a matter of size: what you can make on her and how easy she is to throw in a bag and taken somewhere.

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