Loom Feature: The 5" Mini Mirrix

miniright-1024x1024-305893-edited.jpgHistory: The 5" Mini Mirrix was originally created as an extremely portable loom for bead weavers who were looking for a small loom with great tension. Soon, though, tapestry weavers started buying the Mini for sampling and small pieces without the shedding device. It is the perfect second (or third, or fourth) Mirrix Loom but is also a great starter loom. FullSizeRender-4-1-1.jpeg

Fun Fact: You can warp the Mini two ways right out of the box. It comes with a No Warp-Ends Kit, which allows you to weave pieces with only two ends to finish. 

Uses: Bead Weaving, Tapestry Weaving (without the shedding device)

Statistics: Weight: 1.8 lbs Width: 5″ Height: 7″ – 9 3/4″  Makes a piece:  2 1/2″ x 16″


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Mini Mirrix: New Coils Now Here!

Until today, we only had the 14 dent warp coil/spring available for the Mini Mirrix.

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Win a 5" Mini Mirrix and Share The Love!

The holiday season is upon us and we want to make one person's holiday just a little bit brighter! We are giving away a totally free Mini Mirrix 5" Loom* (or the price of a Mini applied to any other loom) to one lucky winner (whether you're a wannabe Mirrix owner or already have one in every size) on January 1st, 2013! One runner up will get $50 towards the purchase of a loom and a second-runner-up will get their choice of any three Mirrix bead patterns.

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