Loom Feature: The 28" McKinley Loom

We never planned to design a loom size that would fit between the Zach (22") (22") and Joni (32") looms. Then again, new looms seem to have spirits of their own and call us when they need to be materialized (more on that below). How does this loom fit into our stable of looms? The concept is that the McKinley Loom is as tall as his larger sister (32") and brother (38"), but slimmer. When you want height but not as much width, this should be your go-to loom. The 28" Loom is very portable, sits nicely on a table and gives you a lot of room to weave a table runner, tapestry or even a guitar strap or belt! 

Fun Fact: Our customers have the best ideas. For example, when our customer and friend McKinley Murry (along with his mother, Susan) pointed out that when they lined up their family of Mirrix Looms (and between the two of them, they own every size) he noticed a gap. To paraphrase what he said: "You need a size in between the 22" and 32" loom for making table runners, etc." We thought about his idea for at least thirty seconds before we determined he was correct. within a week, the McKinley loom was born and we haven't had one regret. We love the loom and the loom's namesake!

Uses: Bead Weaving, Tapestry Weaving 

Statistics: Weight: 12 lbs Width: 28″ Height: 18 1/2″ – 36″  Makes a piece:  25″ x 59″

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