Loom Feature: The 16" Big Sister Loom

History: Our first born. Ahhhhhh. Named Big Sister after we designed the Little Guy, but before that she was just called "The Mirrix Sixteen Inch Loom." We measured her from one end of the beam to the other and declared her so. Her prototype was enough like the loom we have today that from a distance you might not see much difference (and all accessories work on those first looms). But those laser cut brass bits on the shedding device used to be little eye hooks with some kind of rubber stopper at the end of the shedding device bars to keep them from falling out. The handle wasn't nearly as well coated because the first ones were plastic coated in our oven! The wing nuts were smaller. And yes the clips were plastic, although that is a more recent change. But basically she hasn't changed all that much. Just a little more contemporary.

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