Loom Feature: The 12" Little Guy Loom

History: The 12" Little Guy Loom arrived on the scene about the time we realized that the Mirrix Loom could be used for both tapestry and bead weaving (and of course a bunch of other kinds of weaving).  It is small enough to sit in your lap and can easily be transported. It is a favorite among tapestry weavers who like small format as well as bead weavers. It is available both with and without the shedding device. 

Fun Fact: The Little Guy was for many years our smallest loom, predating the Mini Mirrix and the Lani Loom by many years. 

Uses: Bead Weaving, Tapestry Weaving 

Statistics: Weight: 5 lbs Width: 12″ Height: 11 1/2″ – 17 1/2″  Makes a piece:  9″ x 24″

Want to learn even more about this great loom? Click here if you're interested in the 12" with the shedding device and here if you're interested in the 12" without the shedding device

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