Loom Feature: The 38" Zeus Loom

431983_10150649618845751_332928922_n.jpgThe 38" Zeus Loom is our biggest Mirrix Loom. Named after our late family dog, Zeus, a Lab/Sheperd mix who was large in both size and personality. If you want to make a very large tapestry or bead weaving or even a rug, this is the loom for you.

(Picture, Elena and Zeus when they were puppies.)

Fun Fact: A customer called us to ask if it was possible to remove her piece from her Navajo style loom and transfer it to a Mirrix. We thought about this for a while and realized that if there were a large enough Mirrix Loom, the answer would be yes. We told her we would make two such looms, one for us and one for her. We would both test it. If we were correct and she could use this new loom, she could buy it. We tested it for stability, and found it indeed was a keeper. Our customer successfully transferred her thirtyeightleft-1024x935.jpgpiece to her Zeus and was thrilled with the result. She, along with many, many other customers have enjoyed weaving on this large, lovely looms for fifteen years now. Zeus is definitely a keeper!

Uses: Bead Weaving, Tapestry Weaving 

Statistics: 15 lbs Width: 38″ Height: 20 1/2″ – 37″  Makes a piece:  35″ x 61″

What Customers Say (Reviews from the Mirrix Store):

I bought my Zeus a little over a year ago, I absolutely love it! I do beadwork and with the Zeus I can have multiple projects on my loom at the same time. I have since added 2 more Mirrix looms to my collection. -Cheryl  

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