Loom Feature: The 16" Big Sister Loom

sixteenfront-1024x1024.jpgHistory: Our first born. Ahhhhhh. Named Big Sister after we designed the Little Guy, but before that she was just called "The Mirrix Sixteen Inch Loom." We measured her from one end of the beam to the other and declared her so. Her prototype was enough like the loom we have today that from a distance you might not see much difference (and all accessories work on those first looms). But those laser cut brass bits on the shedding device used to be little eye hooks with some kind of rubber stopper at the end of the shedding device bars to keep them from falling out. The handle wasn't nearly as well coated because the first ones were plastic coated in our oven! The wing nuts were smaller. And yes the clips were plastic, although that is a more recent change. But basically she hasn't changed all that much. Just a little more contemporary.

Fun Fact: The Big Sister Loom made her debut at Convergence 1996. We couldn't be there because we were moving our household from Wisconsin to New Hampshire. But we sent it with a store that we knew was going to be there. We said: "Hey, we will send you 25 looms and if they don't sell we will refund return shipping. We will "hire" a professional tapestry weaver (i.e., give her a loom) to demonstrate at your booth. When we arrived in N.H. I plugged in our phone and immediately the 800 number rang. It was a customer still at Convergence wanting to buy a loom. I ask why she hadn't bought it there. "They are all out," she told me. It was only day three. With the Big Sister, Mirrix was born.

Uses: Bead Weaving, Tapestry Weaving 

Statistics: Weight: 6 lbs Width: 16″ Height: 13 1/2″ – 22 1/2″ Makes a piece:  13″ x 34″

What Customers Say (Reviews from the Mirrix Store):

This loom is my favorite for traveling to workshops. It is a great size for the kinds of tapestry you do in a workshop and it JUST fits into a big suitcase. Though it seems like it would fit into a rollerboard you can take on the plane, it doesn’t (I am sure you could carry it on in a smaller bag though). This is definitely the loom I have the most of for teaching my classes. Students rent them from me warped and then end up buying them at the end of the class. As are all of Mirrix’s looms, this is a fantastic product. I can’t recommend these looms enough for their great tension, easy shedding device, and portability. I love them. -Rebecca 

The Big Sister loom is great. My loom was shipped quickly as I requested so I only had a couple of days to watch videos and learn how to warp. The videos were great so I did not even use the instructions. I started warping the loom as soon as the FedEx delivery arrived. The shedding mechanism works very well. An extraordinary design. The loom is well made and easy to set up. I had previously tried another brand of tapestry loom that was made of wood and the tensioning device quickly wore out because the wood was too soft. I don’t see how the Mirrix loom tension can ever wear out. I am very pleased with this loom. -Gerri

I love my Big Sister! Warping it was a perfect way to get to know its details and experience the fine quality and workmanship. It is a superb tool and I expect many happy hours of creative use. Thanks for your commitment to making a wonderful loom. -Sue


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