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This will be my last blog post as part of the Social Marketing team for Mirrix Looms and I must say it certainly was a fast year!  What a joy it was to represent an amazing company so full of passion for weaving and design!  Thank you Claudia and Elena for giving so much of your life's effort to make Mirrix such a strong and successful company!

So it got me to thinking ... what would I like my final blog post to be about?  The word Connection kept coming to mind and how could I relate that to living my life as a Tapestry Weaver?  Weaving is all about connected threads; fibers crossing over one other, creating a texture or a single design.  Isn't that what our lives are truly about as well?

My personal philosophy on Weaving is this ... I relate the Warp to my foundation in life, whatever it is that grounds me (my spiritual walk, family, love, friendships).  You hopefully know what that understanding is for you as well.  I relate the Weft to all the scrumptious opportunities that come our way, the people we meet along life's journey, those that cross our paths each and every day, relationships we hold dear, the experiences we walk through on a daily basis. These things make us who we are today, simply creating the woven Cloth of our Lives.  Some things are brighter and more exciting than others, some experiences are subdued and quiet .. all the while creating and adding to the fabric of our own life.  It is certainly different for each and every one of us!


So for me, Living the Woven Life is staying connected with all that brings me peace and serenity.  Every time I sit at my looms to create, I feel a sense of calmness take over.  In fact, how I wish I had more time to receive that gift weaving brings to me.  Tapestry Weaving is all about slowing ourselves down, enjoying the process, listening within, designing work that comes from observing the world around us, feeling the magical rhythm that happens while weaving, and asking the creative "what if" questions.  I know of no other art form that gives such a sense of peace and contentment.  I think that is why you and I are drawn to this amazing art form that has been handed down from generation to generation.

We are Tapestry Weavers, always looking for something new to inspire our next creative work.  The designs never shut off in my head, how about yours? With the use of Social Media, (if used properly) it can be a gift, a way of connecting all of us ... sharing what we love most, what we have created and perhaps what we hope to design in the future.


I began as a Tapestry Weaver over thirty years ago, when it was much simpler.  I strayed away to pursue harness weaving, all the while still living a "Woven Life".  How lucky for me that I returned solely to Tapestry Weaving a few years ago and all that I knew and had learned came right back to me! You see, I had finally found my "weaving home" and I am striving each and every day to live the Woven Life.  I am learning as much as I can, reading about Tapestry History and learning from so many amazing current day Tapestry Artists.  There is a wealth of knowledge for us to grasp from these Tapestry leaders.  I am grateful for their willingness to share their techniques so openly with all of us.

Claudia and Elena, here at Mirrix, are doing a wonderful job to inspire new and seasoned weavers.  They are constantly coming up with new techniques, products and weave along projects along the way.  Follow them closely, they have much to share! There are wonderful teachers out there, teaching online and in a workshop experience.  I am a devoted student of Rebecca Mezoff and I have learned so much from her.  I have used my Mirrix Loom for each of her Tapestry courses I have taken. Consider joining ATA (American Tapestry Alliance).  I am proud to be a member and serving an organization that nourishes my Tapestry experience. Connect with local weavers if you can, join a guild, find like minded fiber artists like yourself.  Surround yourself with weaving!  Each and every experience will lead you one step closer to truly living your own Woven Life! Absorb as much knowledge and experience as you can!

I encourage you to breathe it all in, weave as much as you can and share your knowledge and love for this art form with others.  Step lightly, observe all that is around you ... keep notebooks, sketchbooks and design notes.  You never know what might show up in a Tapestry of yours one day! The next time you sit down to your loom, take a deep breath in, don't rush the process and enjoy every minute you get to sit with your weaving.  Be happy to be there, Be present, Learn from it, be inspired by it.  If you believe you are truly working on building your own special weaving life ... I ask you ... What will it say about you? What do others see, what do you want it to reflect?  Find time just for you and your weaving.  Get to know each other again, inspire and teach each other.  I promise you won't regret living this Woven Life of ours.


I leave you with this thought ... One of my favorite Tapestry Weavers of all time is the late Sylvia Heyden.  A weaver who truly lived the Woven Life, every moment of every day.  I have watched her beautiful video over and over again, each time learning something new. She states that "We cannot learn this process quickly, for it takes a lifetime."  Her words have stuck with me ever since.  Her works were beautiful, Her spirit true, Her words so eloquently spoke how I feel about being a Tapestry Weaver. There simply isn't enough time to accomplish all that I want to!

It's been pure joy being here, thanks Mirrix for letting me have a woven voice! The pleasure has been all mine!  Can't wait to see who wins my woven pouch at the end of this month! What a fun experience it has all been!



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