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Hello again! I'm back, hehe. I received my awesome Spencer Treadle a couple of days ago and I'll share more about why I love it soon, but for now I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know what I'm up to these days.

I just moved back to British Columbia with my family after six years between Montreal and New York City where my partner and I earned our respective degrees. I wasn't sure how I'd feel moving back to a small town (we are really in the boonies) after living in cities for over 15 years, but I must say I am over. the. moon. It has been such a stark contrast to New York in every single way - from finding a home on day two of being here, to the fact that I'm writing this post from my larger-than-my-NYC-apartment deck with a view. And for the first time since I graduated from my textile degree I have a studio (!!!) Yesterday I taught a small group tapestry weaving workshop in it and it felt so good to have my own art making space to welcome people into. I just feel so blessed right now.

As for art making itself, it's been a bit slow going these days because of some health issues that have re-emerged. 13 years ago I had a discoptomy in my lower lumbar (L5-S1) and the disc has herniated again. The craziest part is that my symptoms are occuring in my feet, not my back. So, for the past three years I've been seeing foot specialists - wearing boots and braces and even had surgery on my foot only to discover, after finally seeing the right specialist, that my foot pain is nerve pain caused by a disc herination in my spine (such different symptoms than my last spinal sega). The giveaway was when I foot went numb (so scary!!!) So, the Spencer Treadle will help hugely with my getting some more weaving done as it requires much less foot movement than the older foot treadle Mirrix use to offer. I'll still use it for outdoor weaving, though - which is why I chose it in the first place.


Above are few couple of my most recent tapestries. The big blue blob now resides on Madison Ave in my therapist's office. She accepted it in lieu of over two years of co-pays! #thingsILoveAboutNewYork. Below is a detail of a few of the the white-on-white tringles that are hidden in there. Those areas are balanced weave, not weft faced. I used a thicker weft for those sections so it wouldn't completely cover the warp.

Looking foward to sharing more with you here over the next year!

Janna Maria Vallee

PS I'm teaching a beginner tapestry weaving workshop on Vancouver Island (Canada) in mid July. There are still spots avaiable. Come play with me!







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