How to allow yourself to Experiment with your Mirrix

After doing a demo on how to cut t-shirts into one continuous strip, I decided that I was going to dive in and weave with t-shirt yarn I'd created. When I'd set up my Mirrix, I decided that I wanted this piece to be full of experimentation, allowing myself not to worry about the finished product, and to pay more attention to trying some new things. 

1. I experimented with my warp set up

2. I played with several different tapestry sections

3. I wove with the t-shirt yarn

4. I played a bit with my tension

In the video below, I share in more detail the things that I tried. 

Sometimes when I experiment, I love the results, and others, well , I learn that I don't want to repeat any of the things that I tried, but that's important to learn as well. 

Below, I share a bit more about my creative process, and what you can do with pieces that you just don't love. 


Topics: inspiration, tapestry

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