Customer Story: Richard "Ric" Harber

DSC_0008.jpgMy favorite part of working at Mirrix is seeing what customers make on our looms. From fun mixed-media pieces to amazing tapestries, I'm continually impressed with the quality of work that each of you create. Today I am excited to share the story and work of one artist whose work I've admired for some time, Richard "Ric" Harber. 
Name:  Richard "Ric" Harber
Home:  Tulsa, Oklahoma
What arts, crafts and/or hobbies DSC_0131.jpgare you interested in and how did you get interested in them? 
Over the years, I have dabbled in a variety of crafts.....the dabbling settled on leatherwork as my main avocation.  Growing up, I did some leatherwork just growing up on a dairy and horse farm. I got a bit more serious with it while I was teaching economics at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The 20 some years following that, I would come back to leatherwork when I could, i.e., could get supplies, while overseas. When I retired in 2006, I found a ready source of materials and returned to leatherwork with a vengeance, leading to my opening a storefront just over two years ago. The leatherwork eventually brought me to beading and my Mirrix looms.

DSC_0074.jpgWhat type of weaving do you do? (Bead? Tapestry? Mixed-Media? Etc.?) 
So far, I have only done bead weaving, but the tapestry and mixed-media looks interesting and may be calling to me.

What got you into weaving? As mentioned above, my main craft is leatherwork. I kept seeing beadwork combined with leather and loved the look and figured "I could do that".

How long have you been weaving?
About a year to 18 months.

DSC_0071.jpgWhat projects have you done on a Mirrix Loom?
I have done woven beads for use on hatbands and bracelets/cuffs and one piece that I call a necklace, but I'm not really sure if it is or not.

What projects do you hope to do on a Mirrix Loom in the future?
Who knows!

Why did you choose a Mirrix Loom?
When I had that thought..."I could do that"....I started doing research on how to do beads and settled on the use of a loom. Research regarding looms, led me to Mirrix...the obvious quality and fantastic reviews of the Mirrix Looms convinced me to make my first purchase (a Little Guy) then later my second (a Lani). I haven't regretted the purchases....except for the eye strain ( :) )

Visit "Ric's Leather" on the web here and on Facebook here. 
More images of Ric's work are below:

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