Creating my Tapestry Woven Pouch ... Part Two!

FullSizeRender-33.jpgI have been weaving on my Tapestry pouch pretty steady and I must say, these handyed silks of Claudia's are not only beautiful in color, but such a joy to work with!  I wove at a 10 dent sett and the weaving process just flowed along for me.  I decided to add a few beaded rows along the way!  Sometimes that can be a little tricky, but with patience it all flows perfectly.

I wrote notes along the way during the entire weaving process.  Things I discovered, didn't want to try again, things I enjoyed and wanted to remember.  In honor of Poetry Month (always in April) I even wrote a poem!  Why not write about what you love . . . right?

This has been such a fun project for me.  I have woven many pouches with chunky fibers, mixed threads and elements of nature, so weaving with strictly hand-dyed silks, at a fine sett was a different experience for me. I really enjoyed the slow rhythmic feeling it gave me along the way. I do encourage you to try something different, we all learn from new experiences.

I would have to say the only challenge that I had was choosing to add a row of Rya Knots for the front flap of the pouch.  So I wove along and realized, I weave from back to front, interesting process for adding Rya Knots! So I put a few questions out on Social Media for advice, all I got was turn the loom around.  So I did! Remember me talking about my paper towel pattern? Well it came in use again for the Rya Knots, I realized they would be upside down when it was folded and finished!!! So the entire row of RYA knots for this piece was WOVEN BACKWARDS AND UPSIDE DOWN!!!! It certainly worked, but oh my silk is slippery and it was a challenge!



When I took the woven piece off the loom, I trimmed the threads I had left and decided what fabric I wanted for my inner lining.  I used a sweet piece of hand-painted fabric given to me from a sweet creative sister of mine. I wanted something special for this pouch. I measured the finished size of my pouch, added an additional 1/4" all around.  I then hand pressed under the 1/4" hem and placed it on top of the wrong side of my woven pouch.  I hand sewed the lining to my woven piece. This process was taught to me in the Mirrix Weave A Long for the Eccentric Eyeglass Case. I like to use a very fine clear fishing twine when sewing, something I have used for years.  It really hides into the weaving when sewing!  


Once I finished sewing the lining in, I folded over the pouch to the size that I wanted and sewed up the sides as well.  Can you see the Rya knots on the front of the flap??  It was well worth the effort it took to weave them! The only thing left is the beaded necklace ~ the fun part!  Measure how long you want the necklace to be.  Then attach a double knot to the inside of one side of the pouch, begin beading! I wanted something strong so I used gold 0.15 Beadalon cord. I love to use an assortment of ornamental, seed, E , charms etc for my necklaces but this time I decided to use the 08 seed beads I had used in the woven tapestry. I created a small repetitive pattern and I think it turned out well!

While I am beading, I am just enjoying the process.  Just on a personal note, if I am creating for someone I think blessings on the piece I am working on, sending it out to it's new owner.  Just a little love and blessing along the way! Trust me on this, if you take the time to create such a sweet gift, you must truly love the recipient!!! As I was creating this piece, I was sending out a gift of Peace and Contentment ... not yet knowing who it's owner would be!

That is it!  Wasn't that fun?  I surely hope that you will give this fun project a try, once, or twice or more.  Each piece can take on it's own personality.  I love to tuck a small word, quote, or even a sweet gemstone inside for whoever is going to receive it.  For this one ... the message was simple "Weave Tapestry" and the gemstone tucked inside was Rose Quartz, a stone of Calmness, Harmony and Clarity ... all of which I truly believe weaving tapestry gives to me.


Please let us know if you enjoyed this project, leave your comments for us.  If you have enhanced the design, please share that with us also, we learn from each other.  Tapestry artists are very loving and giving individuals who aren't afraid to share their knowledge and talents with others.

There is a surprise coming from Mirrix Looms and Me, look for the details soon!


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