Beaded Wrap Bracelet on a Mini Mirrix

IMG_6384.jpgYesterday morning a customer emailed me asking about making wrap-bracelets on a Mirrix Loom. While I was writing back to her, I realized that you might be able to weave a wrap-bracelet on a Mini Mirrix without using the warping bar. 

I took out some leather cord, strung on a pewter button and folded the cord in half. I then looped that around the loom after adjusting the height and tied the button side and the other end together. Then, I tightened my tension.

It was the perfect set up for a wrap-bracelet (and oh-so-easy)!


Next, I started to weave in rows of three crystals between the two warp threads. 


Unfortunately I thought I had more crystals than I did so the piece ended up not being as long as I wanted it to be, but it still made a super cute double-wrap bracelet. I even advanced my weaving (over the top of the loom, actually, which is fine for bead weaving) by loosening the tension and moving the piece up over the top of the loom, so I could weave a longer piece. 


Once I finished (this time weaving down instead of up), I trimmed the ends (I wouldn't have had to do this if I'd had more crystals to make the piece longer) and made a knot in the leather ends to loop over the button. 

Done! Easy! Fast! And cute, right? 


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