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Living the Woven Life

This will be my last blog post as part of the Social Marketing team for Mirrix Looms and I must say it certainly was a fast year!  What a joy it was to represent an amazing company so full of passion for weaving and design!  Thank you Claudia and Elena for giving so much of your life's effort to make Mirrix such a strong and successful company!

So it got me to thinking ... what would I like my final blog post to be about?  The word Connection kept coming to mind and how could I relate that to living my life as a Tapestry Weaver?  Weaving is all about connected threads; fibers crossing over one other, creating a texture or a single design.  Isn't that what our lives are truly about as well?

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Creating my Tapestry Woven Pouch ... Part Two!

I have been weaving on my Tapestry pouch pretty steady and I must say, these handyed silks of Claudia's are not only beautiful in color, but such a joy to work with!  I wove at a 10 dent sett and the weaving process just flowed along for me.  I decided to add a few beaded rows along the way!  Sometimes that can be a little tricky, but with patience it all flows perfectly.

I wrote notes along the way during the entire weaving process.  Things I discovered, didn't want to try again, things I enjoyed and wanted to remember.  In honor of Poetry Month (always in April) I even wrote a poem!  Why not write about what you love . . . right?

This has been such a fun project for me.  I have woven many pouches with chunky fibers, mixed threads and elements of nature, so weaving with strictly hand-dyed silks, at a fine sett was a different experience for me. I really enjoyed the slow rhythmic feeling it gave me along the way. I do encourage you to try something different, we all learn from new experiences.

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Weaving a Tapestry Dream Pouch Necklace . . . Part One

Creating a Tapestry Dream Pouch Necklace from start to finish

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keeping a weaving journal ...

I have been an avid journal keeper it seems my whole life. I have art journals, diaries, altered books and personal journals ... I love expressing myself, remembering incredible moments and ideas in my journals. There are so many moments and experiences I don't want to ever forget.
I have kept a weaving journal for a very long time. I have been a weaver over thirty years, so you can imagine just how many pages I have written in that amount of time! I love those rainy afternoons when I pour over the pages of past journals with a cup of hot tea, just filling myself with thoughts and memories.
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The fun in starting a new weaving project!

I have been wanting to begin the Mirrix Beaded woven cuff project for months now and there is always something getting in the way to keep me from starting!  Do you ever have times like that? Perhaps not enough time or not enough looms?  The holidays have come and gone and I am still having a time carving out time to weave and play!

I don't know if you know it or not but Mirrix Looms has an amazing project section on their website and they willingly share there ideas, techniques and project notes for you to try too!  They also have weave a long projects, and sell their kits to accompany the weave a long.  You don't have to worry about finding all the materials, they are all in the kit ready for you to begin!

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What's your New Year Weaving Resolution?

We here at Mirrix Looms want to wish you the happiest New Year!  New Year beginnings always remind us to slow down, re-think where we have been and certainly show us where we are headed. It is also a time to focus on change ... What do we want to leave behind and what do we want to take into the new year with us?  

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How I love the warping process!

It is definitely the holidays and I am trying to create a mini tapestry to be framed for a friend as a gift.  Not sure I will complete on time, but I am sure going to try!  As I began warping my Zach loom this afternoon, I decided to sett my linen warp at 12 epi with a linen warp and a weaving width of 4". I wanted to do a little hemstitching on the edges of my mini tapestry, so linen seemed to be the perfect fiber! I found some incredible shadow box frames with a 5" x 5" opening, so I am excited to see how this all turn outs.

Each time I begin to warp, I question myself if I am doing it right.  I can't tell you how many times I have warped a Mirrix loom, yet I find myself unsure and always want to refer back to Claudia and Elena's instruction video on You Tube! They take the time to explain the process carefully and slowly with you. 

Today I found my way to Elena's video, fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and began the warping process.  I was just reminded of how much I love this process ... to me it where all the project planning comes to life.  The warping process always comes back to me quickly, but how nice it was to glance over at my You Tube and have Elena instructing me.  I wonder will I ever NOT need the video to warp??? 

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Does your Weaving take Priority?

I have returned to Tapestry Weaving a year and a half ago, after a very long stay away.  Much to my regret, the time slipped away while I was busy weaving 8Harness weaves, teaching weaving and selling my handwoven scarves.  I had dipped into other art forms, all of which took me away from my Tapestry Weaving Journey!

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Learning the Importance of Color

I have recently started taking Rebecca Mezoff's Color Gradation Techniques course online with my Mirrix loom and I am learning so much!  Usually I run to my fiber closet, pick out my favorite colors I would like to use in my project and off to the loom I go.  Not this time!

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Adjusting to my New Spencer Treadle

I received my Spencer Treadle just a little while ago and was eager to attach it to my personal Mirrix loom.  I have the amazing 22" Zach loom and I love it.  Together my husband and I watched the video, attached the treadle and off I went into weaving land.

I put on a small sampling warp, only 3" wide using the Navajo Wool Warp that Mirrix Looms sells set at 7 ends per inch.  I really liked that sett and wool warp when I participated in the Weave A Long Eyeglass Case project, so I decided to use it again, this time for sampling.

I was eager to begin with the treadle, and I must say, first and foremost that it is definitely a game changer.  I can continue to weave quickly, just by the touch of the foot pedal.  No more putting down my beater, using the handle to switch sheds, it is amazing!  I know with time I am going to learn to depend on it so much.  We are still getting used to each other right now!

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