Beadwoven Wall Art Inspired by Katerina Art (Part 2)

WOW, what an experience I am having with this beautiful Big Sister Loom with the No Warp-Ends Kit from Mirrix Looms!  I have to say that I have done some loom work beading before, but never anything like this!!  The ease of tightening the tension when it needs it, moving the legs to adjust the height and angle or just the clean lines of the loom is amazing to me!!  The Mirrix Looms Company just celebrated their 20th year and it is easy to see why so many people love them!! 

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Off my Mirrix!

I still have one more three-day run in my summer residency at Fibreworks Studio and Gallery in Madeira Park BC and I'm already done tapestry #2 in my current series. I wasn't sure how long it would take me, or how much time I'd actually spend weaving during the public residency, so I'm thrilled that I was able to start and finish an entire weaving. 

There are just a few more weft ends to sew in and the hanging mechanism to attach and it's ready for a wall. I've estimated that during the 65 hours of residency time I was able to warp up and weave for around 45 hours of it. In the past, before I had childcare, I'd weave an hour here and there, never keeping track of how long any particular piece took, so I'm very happy to have a better idea now. Having a Spencer Power Treadle helped me chug along steadily, too. My treadle is currently being borrowed by one of my students.  She spent a lot of time with me on that first stretch of seven days of my residency, and then bought herself a Mirrix. I figure I won't be weaving again until the end of the month when I hunker down for the third and final weaving in this series at Fibreworks again, so someone may as well enjoy using the treadle in the mean time.

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More Than Wall-Hangings

Often people associate tapestry weaving with just wall-hangings, but you can make a lot of different things with a tapestry. This week I made a set of tiny tapestry pillows, perfect for a tiny dog to rest his head or as a pop of accent color in any cozy room. 

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Beadwoven Wall Art Inspired by Katerina Art (Part 1)

Today I am starting on a new project on my Big Sister Loom with the No Warp-Ends Kit as part of the Social Marketing Program from Mirrix Looms.  I have designed a pattern from a piece of artwork from one of my favorite artists – Katerina Art (Katerina Koukiotis).  I am so excited about using one of her drawings!!  As I looked through her beautiful art (many of which I have) I had to find – just the right one – and boy did I!!  You can go through her page and find it….or wait and I’ll SHOW you!!  She is excited to see what I do with this ‘version’ of her art too! 

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My first Mirrix Loom Experience!

I have to say that when I received the Mirrix Loom - a Big Sister Loom - I was so impressed!! Not only did it come with complete instructions, but there are many videos to help you get started and make it through!! My first project was a simple one...with only 2 colors. When I designed the pattern I was hoping for something simple and fun!! And boy did I get it!! Just watch this video to see how I created the DREAM a Little DREAM Project and how I finished it. I am very proud of this creation and I have to say...I can't wait to show you my next creations!!!

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