Creating my Tapestry Woven Pouch ... Part Two!

I have been weaving on my Tapestry pouch pretty steady and I must say, these handyed silks of Claudia's are not only beautiful in color, but such a joy to work with!  I wove at a 10 dent sett and the weaving process just flowed along for me.  I decided to add a few beaded rows along the way!  Sometimes that can be a little tricky, but with patience it all flows perfectly.

I wrote notes along the way during the entire weaving process.  Things I discovered, didn't want to try again, things I enjoyed and wanted to remember.  In honor of Poetry Month (always in April) I even wrote a poem!  Why not write about what you love . . . right?

This has been such a fun project for me.  I have woven many pouches with chunky fibers, mixed threads and elements of nature, so weaving with strictly hand-dyed silks, at a fine sett was a different experience for me. I really enjoyed the slow rhythmic feeling it gave me along the way. I do encourage you to try something different, we all learn from new experiences.

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Win The Tapestry Bracelet Kit for Weave-Along 24!

Mirrix's 24th Weave-Along is a FREE online event. In it participants will learn how to make a beautiful tapestry bracelet. This weave-along was designed specifically for beginners who hope to get some extra support learning basic tapestry skills.

To learn more about this fun (and free) event, click here.

Want to win the weave-along kit? 

(If you already purchased the kit and you win we can either issue a refund for the full cost of the kit or send you a second kit.) 



TO WIN: Tag a friend you think would like to take part in Mirrix's 24th Weave-Along on [ONLY] one of the following three posts:

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Winner will be chosen at random on June 1st and contacted via social media. Contest ends at the end of day on May 31st, 2017.

Good luck! 

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Weave-Along 24: The Take-Your-Loom-Out-Of-The-Box Tapestry Bracelet

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Have you tried to embroidery on your Mirrix?

Do you have a Mirrix loom and love to embroidery? Have you tried to embroidery a piece that you're weaving while it's still on the loom?

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How to Add Texture to Your Weaving

One of the reasons that I love textiles, is because I LOVE texture and am always looking to find new ways to bring texture into my weaving. A good place to start is with a chunky yarn, in the video you'll see that I"m using roving, which makes great texture, and is also very forgiving because it's bulky. 

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For Mother's Day: Save 15% off The Mirrix Lani Loom

Mirrix Looms is run by a mother and daughter (that's me) team, so Mother's Day at Mirrix always feels like an occasion to be celebrated. This year we've decided to put a loom on sale, something that we don't do very often.

The 8" Lani Loom (with or without the shedding device) is 15% off in the Mirrix online store through Mother's Day (Sunday, May 14th).

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How to allow yourself to Experiment with your Mirrix

After doing a demo on how to cut t-shirts into one continuous strip, I decided that I was going to dive in and weave with t-shirt yarn I'd created. When I'd set up my Mirrix, I decided that I wanted this piece to be full of experimentation, allowing myself not to worry about the finished product, and to pay more attention to trying some new things. 

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The "Not Afraid of Color" Project

Today, Claudia and I dyed roving for a project that you will learn more about as this blog series progresses. Or, rather, Claudia dyed and I took pictures and marveled at how easy she makes it look. Our goal was "inperfect", which is a really fun goal to have and allowed us to play and experiment with color.

The biggest lesson I learned? Don't be afraid. "If worst comes to worst," Claudia said, "You can dye it black." 

First, we soaked roving in citric acid. Then, we boiled pots of water with more citric acid. Usually you also add salt as well, which slows the process down, but because we wanted inperfect we skipped that part. Next, we added dye to the pots. 










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How to Display your Tapestry

" Art is never finished, only abandoned." Leonardo da Vinci

For a long time I never finished any of my work. There were always a few ends left untied and one or two random threads that needed to be cut. It was safer not to finish.

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