Artist Block & The definitive(ish) Guide On Getting Through It

What to do, or not do, when going through an artist block

Have you ever hit an artist block? That awful, almost stifling feeling that happens when you, the artist, can’t seem to produce—or even entertain the thought of creating a single piece of art. It’s that virginia-woolf-like-moment where you’re wondering ‘fie, whereto hast’ all my creativity forth-gone’ (or at least I like to imagine that’s what she’d say).

I know that this does not happen to everyone. Case in point: my mom. That lady can get up every day and start a new project at the drop of a crochet pin. But I believe my art is directly tied to my emotions (yah, yuck—I’m that kind of artist). It can be a good thing! Once *inspired* …there’s nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing stopping me. Food—who needs that! Sleep—that’s for the weak! I believe this is where my ‘binge weaving’ habit stems from. Because once I feel that wave of inspiration I know I must fully embrace and ride it for all it’s worth. A surreal “I-want-to-feel-creative-forever” sort of feeling. It completely rushes over me, and I let that energy flow and freely produce whatever wonder it decides to bring.

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Having trouble deciding what to weave?

 Every artist has a moment when they're sitting staring at the blank page , blank canvas, or empty loom wondering what in the world they want to make. It can be hard and frustrating place to be. In the video below, I'll walk you though a simple and fun exercise to help get your creative juices flowing, and push you to try some new ideas on your mirrix.

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What's a Warp Coil?

When you're weaving beads or tapestry, how your warp threads (the threads that go around the loom) are spaced is very important. That spacing will allow you to weave the size beads you want (imagine trying to stick 8/0 beads into warp threads spaced for 11/0 beads) or the yarn you want (different thicknesses of warp -and weft- need different warp spacing.)

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$50 off BeadCreator Pro. 6

Want to create your very own bead patterns? BeadCreator Professional 6 is the perfect software for the job! It is fantastic at turning photographs into patterns and allows you to easily make patterns for beading both on your loom and off. 

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Weaving a Tapestry Dream Pouch Necklace . . . Part One

Creating a Tapestry Dream Pouch Necklace from start to finish

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Tapestry: Art With a History

It has been said that painting is the poor man's tapestry. This probably seems anomalous to most people, but if you've seen a castle-wall-sized tapestry, you get it. Imagine being able to afford one of those!

Until recently, I had only seen pictures of ancient tapestries and they didn't seem nearly as breathtakingly amazing as they are in real life. 

The first few of these awe-inspiring pieces were at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I walked into the climate-controlled tapestry room and I swear I had to hold back tears. I'm not one for Stendhal Syndrome, so this took me by surprise.

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