Unoboxing a Mirrix Loom

When you order a Mirrix Loom what comes in the box? Is the loom assembled? Where are the different parts? Watch our unboxing video of a 12" Little Guy Loom with a shedding device for the answers to these questions and more!

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The Perfect Last-Minute Gift

Did the holidays sneak up on you this year? Still need a few last-minute gifts? How about a Mirrix Looms gift certificate? 

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How I love the warping process!

It is definitely the holidays and I am trying to create a mini tapestry to be framed for a friend as a gift.  Not sure I will complete on time, but I am sure going to try!  As I began warping my Zach loom this afternoon, I decided to sett my linen warp at 12 epi with a linen warp and a weaving width of 4". I wanted to do a little hemstitching on the edges of my mini tapestry, so linen seemed to be the perfect fiber! I found some incredible shadow box frames with a 5" x 5" opening, so I am excited to see how this all turn outs.

Each time I begin to warp, I question myself if I am doing it right.  I can't tell you how many times I have warped a Mirrix loom, yet I find myself unsure and always want to refer back to Claudia and Elena's instruction video on You Tube! They take the time to explain the process carefully and slowly with you. 

Today I found my way to Elena's video, fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and began the warping process.  I was just reminded of how much I love this process ... to me it where all the project planning comes to life.  The warping process always comes back to me quickly, but how nice it was to glance over at my You Tube and have Elena instructing me.  I wonder will I ever NOT need the video to warp??? 

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New Product: Engraved Clips

Once I was given a pair of running shoes. They were bright blue and bubblegum pink and had my initials embroidered on them. I loved those shoes so much that I kept them on a shelf in my closet even after they were worn out and had been replaced. They were great shoes, but it was the monogram that made them so special. 

We wanted to bring that same kind of personalization to Mirrix Looms and are very excited to introduce a new product: Custom-Made Engraved Wooden Clips. Add a pair to a loom you already have for $50 or get engraved clips with a new loom for just $25 more. 

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How to Weave more than 1 Project without rewarping

Warping on the Mirrix is super simple, but it's even easier if you don't have to do it for every project. With the larger Mirrix Looms plus the continuous warp, if you're working small you can fit 2 or 3 projects on 1 warp!!! Awesome, right?

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"The Feather Project"

In October, we launched a mixed media challenge called "The Feather Project" and encouraged Mirrix owners to try weaving new and different materials on their looms.

It was a call to think outside the box and an excuse to make mistakes. 

Below are some of the amazing mixed-media projects that came out of this challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated and especially to those of you who have allowed us to share your work and comments! 

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Shop Small: 15% off Loom Accessories

Every December since I can remember a package has arrived for me from my Godmother. It is always filled with gifts so perfectly curated you'd think she peeks at a wish list I don't know myself well enough to write. 

Not all of us are such good gifters, though. I often resort to the hope-someone-tells-me-what-he-or-she-wants-before-it's-too-late method. If you have any gift givers in your life who are a little more like me and less like my Godmother, you might consider helping them out and letting them know that Mirrix is having a sale through Thursday on Loom Accessories. We think a Spencer Treadle or a Bottom Spring Kit would look great wrapped up in shiny paper, tied with a gossamer bow and in your hands this holiday season.

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Looking for a Gift for Crafty Kids?

Why are Mirrix Looms the perfect loom for children? The answer is: the same reason Mirrix Looms are the perfect loom for adults. Because they work. They work really, really well.

Would you paint water colors on newsprint?

You could try, but most likely your masterpiece won’t get the kind of attention it deserves because your paper will be dictating the outcome, a not very good outcome. Paint water colors on water color paper and you masterpiece will sing its own praises. You can and will go wrong with inappropriate or inferior materials and tools, but you will never go wrong with high quality materials and tools.

When choosing one loom over another, sometimes price is a factor. Considering how much money one ends up spending on good materials the cost of a loom, even a high-end loom like a Mirrix, is actually minor in comparison. You lay out money once for your dream loom and then you spend the rest of your life filling it up with beauty. It never breaks. It never goes out of style. It never disappoints.

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Christmas Delivery Order Deadlines

So you want that loom to be underneath the Christmas Tree to give to your favorite person. We at Mirrix do everything we can to make that happen. In order for us to keep our 20 year record of sending out every Christmas loom on time, please help us by ordering as soon as possible. We are working as fast as we can to make those looms but FedEx or the United States Postal Service can only do their best. They too would like to you to order early just to be safe. Here are some dates to help you figure out when you need to order that Big Sister Loom for your big sister.

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The Delights of Gold Thread

I remember perfectly the day I bought that first cone of gold thread. I kept it in my lap and would
not put it down for hours. I was enthralled. I sat in meditation wondering about all the creations I could squeeze from this new fiber.

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Bespoke Holiday Loom Packages | Get $20

Looking to put together the perfect holiday gift package for that special someone? Ready to treat yourself to a Mirrix Loom, accessory and kit? During the month of December we're giving you a $20 gift certificate good for your next Mirrix purchase when you create a personalized loom, accessory and kit package!

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