Where is Your Mirrix Made? (A Giving Tuesday Story)

Do you know where Mirrix Looms are made? If you answered right here in America, that's correct, but it's only part of the story!

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Which Mirrix Loom Would I Choose?

As we were putting together our holiday gift guide I realized that I have never been gifted a loom. I am sure there are a lot of reasons contributing to that, not the least of them (during the last twenty years) being the fact that giving me a loom would be like bringing coals to New Castle, as my Dad would say.

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The Shop Small Sale

This holiday season I am making it my goal to buy all my gifts from small stores and local artists. While the convenience and savings you get when shopping at big stores is tempting, the rewards of shopping small are many.
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The Best Gift for The Crafter in Your Life

During the holiday season (even more than the rest of the year) I spend much of my day emailing with potential customers to help them choose the perfect loom to buy. Some of my favorite interactions are with people looking to buy gifts. I can almost always sense the love the customer has for that lucky person who is about to be gifted a gift that keeps on giving!

Sometimes loved ones need a lot of help. "She mentioned a Mirrix Loom with a shredding device. What does that device shred?" Other times they've done their research and some. "I've downloaded and read through fourteen of your ebooks, and I think I've narrowed it down to three loom sizes."

Maybe I'm a little biased (okay, I'm a lot biased) but I think a Mirrix is the perfect gift for any bead, fiber and/or craft lover in your life and I am happy to help you choose the perfect gift this holiday season. Always feel free to email me directly elena@mirrixlooms.com with your questions!

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect gift:

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Does your Weaving take Priority?

I have returned to Tapestry Weaving a year and a half ago, after a very long stay away.  Much to my regret, the time slipped away while I was busy weaving 8Harness weaves, teaching weaving and selling my handwoven scarves.  I had dipped into other art forms, all of which took me away from my Tapestry Weaving Journey!

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How to Make Heddles for Your Mirrix Loom

While many Mirrix customers choose to purchase our Swedish-made Texsolv heddles for use with a Mirrix Loom with a shedding device, you can also make your own reusable heddles. 

First, what's a heddle? A heddle attaches your shedding device to your warp threads. They are used only when weaving tapestry and bead weaving WITH the shedding device. You will need to make as many individual heddles as there will be warps in your weaving.

What material should be used to make heddles? The thinner and stronger the string you use, the better. For bead weavers, cotton quilting or beading thread works great. For tapestry weavers, cotton crochet thread, linen warp or single-ply cotton warp works well.

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Mirrix Looms Holiday Guide Guide 2016

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We Have a New Logo!

We are thrilled to give you all a peek at our new logo! 

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Off my Mirrix

This 19" wide piece is off my Mirrix! I made it with 100% Canadian bred wool spun in Canada. I love keeping it local!

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