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Sign-Up For Weave-Along 23: The Queen Nefertiti Bracelet

Need the perfect bracelet to wear to holiday parties? Looking for a gift fit for a queen? Make one of these stunning beaded bracelets for yourself and give one to a friend with this gorgeous project named after the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

Get 15% off the kit when you join the weave-along!

Click here to learn more and to sign up!

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Weaving gradation samples

Over the past month I've been weaving gradation samples to determine what my next bigger piece will be. I made several using naturally dyed colours but right now I'm really drawn to the simple white-to-grey pallette, which is what I'm sharing about today. In this grouping of samples I made one plain gradation sample, one gradation with pick'n'pick throughout from edge-to-edge, and one gradation with pick'n'pick in a blob shape in the center (and fringe - because I can't help but think of my samples as mini pieces).

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Mirrix Looms Mixed Media Challenge: aka The Feather Project

The possibilities of materials and combinations of materials that you can weave on a Mirrix are endless and so much fun to explore.

That's why we've decided to issue a challenge to Mirrix owners: Make a mixed-media piece to share with the Mirrix community and let your imagination run wild!

Here are the rules of the challenge:

1.) Choose a material group from the list below, or come up with your own!

-Cut-up clothing/fabric 
-Shells, sea glass
-Recycled items (plastic bags, cardboard, magazines, etc.)
-Plant fibers (natural or dyed) 
-Dried flowers
-Hardware items 

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What Is New at Mirrix Looms?

October - November 2016

What's New?

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Sign-up for Weave-Along 23

Weaving Gradation Samples

Mixed Media Challenge: AKA The Feather Project

Learning the Importance of Color

American Tapestry Alliance: Join and Get Mirrix Discounts

The Easiest Way to Finish a Beaded Bracelet

Binge Weaving is for the Birds

Finishing Beadwork with a Beautiful Clasp (Now Available for Pre-Order)

Hatching: Your Tapestry Lightbul Moment

A Different Way to Warp

And more! 

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Learning the Importance of Color

I have recently started taking Rebecca Mezoff's Color Gradation Techniques course online with my Mirrix loom and I am learning so much!  Usually I run to my fiber closet, pick out my favorite colors I would like to use in my project and off to the loom I go.  Not this time!

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It's Our Autumn Accessories Sale!

Here in New Hampshire the trees are beginning to turn, the days are getting crisper and we're spending more time cuddled under blankets and debating whether or not it's cold enough to start a fire in the woodstove. While all year is weaving season, autumn always compels me to pick up a loom. 

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American Tapestry Alliance: Join and Get Mirrix Discounts!

From a plethora of resources on their website to hosting exibitions and giving out awards, American Tapestry Alliance is an organization that anyone interested in weaving tapestry should know about. We interviewed Mary Lane, Executive Director of ATA, about the organization, how it began, how it has changed over the years, the resources is provides and more!

Check it out below! 

Everyone who joins ATA automatically gets a 10% discount on a Mirrix Loom. Through the end of October we'll also include a 20% discount on loom accessories when you join*! To get this discount, simply email us after you've joined and we'll send you a discount code that can be used alongside the ATA loom discount you'll receive, or on its own if you already have a Mirrix Loom! 

*Only valid on loom accessories. Can be combined with the ATA 10% loom discount, but no other offers or sales. Discount is valid through 10/31/2016. Only valid on Not valid on past purchases. 

Click here to learn how to enter coupon codes on our website

Nikki Bair, β€œLadybug,” 2013, 10” x 4”, hand-dyed silk. Photo: Nicki Bair

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