Share Your Work!

One of our favorite things here at Mirrix Looms is when customers send us pictures of their work. From first projects to professional masterpieces, we love to see the skill and creativity in the pieces you create. 

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Start Something New with Free Shipping

Something about the end of August makes we want to start new things. I am many years out of primary school but I still have an urge to go out and buy a shopping cart full of clean notebooks and a box of crayons. But even though I don't have a new school year to look forward to, I am excited to get started on a few new weaving projects! 

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Mirrix Looms: Looms To Grow With

When you first decide to take on something new, be it a sport or craft or hobby, you have to decide early on how much money you want to invest in your new commitment. 

When I started doing yoga a few years ago I was using a paper-thin mat I found in my closet. After about a week of sore knees I realized if I was going to spend $100 a month on classes, I might as well get a nice mat. I ended up getting a fairly high-end mat that is still in great condition many hundreds of uses later. Looking back, choosing a good mat once I'd committed to my practice instead of investing a little less in a not-so-good one was a great choice. 

If I were a beginner looking for a tapestry or bead loom, I would take a similar approach to loom buying. 

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New: Bead Weaving "Easy Warp" Sam Loom Package & Ebook

Worried about warping? We have a solution!

With our "Easy Warp" warping method, all you have to do is wrap your warp around the loom! No figure-8s, no warping bar... just wrapping. 

We now have an ebook available to show you how to warp for bead weaving using the Easy Warp method. This ebook also goes into the basics of how to weave a simple beaded bracelet. 

Download the ebook .pdf here!

You can also download the "Easy Warp" warping ebook for tapestry here.

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How to Find The Time to Weave

When you download a free ebook from our website, you are often asked something like, "What question do you have about weaving?" Among the questions I read every day there is nearly always at least one person who asks something along the lines of, "Where can I find more time to weave?"

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Now Available: The Kirsten Affinity Bracelet Ebook (And $10 off the kit)

Just getting started weaving beads? The Kirsten Affinity Bracelet is a perfect project for beginners!

We now have a FREE ebook available that will teach how to make this gorgeous beaded bracelet on a Mirrix Loom. 

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Sale: BeadCreator and Kumihimo Kits

We're having a sale today!

Through the weekend (ends Sunday, August 21st) get $40 off BeadCreator Pro. 6 and either of our Kumihimo Braiding Disk Kits (round and square) for only $32 (a savings of $13).*

Purchase the Kuimihimo Square Disk Kit here

Purchase the Kumihimo Round Disk Kit here

Purchase BeadCreator Pro. 6 here

Read more for a little bit about why Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase loves all three of these items. 


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New Starter Packages Without Looms

Most of the time, our best ideas come from our customers! Recently one of you mentioned that you'd like to see starter packages available without looms.

What a great idea!

We now have five new starter packages for those of you who already have looms or who want to purchase your loom and materials separately. Each package is discounted by 10%, so you'll not only get a carefully curated package of bead or tapestry supplies, but you'll also get a great price! 

Tapestry Starter Package One

This package is perfect  for anyone who is looking to get started weaving tapestry and also wants to experiment with combining tapestry with beads. The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet Kit is a great project to learn some basics tapestry techniques and the book will help you expand on those techniques. The Bockens warp is great for using with many different kinds of wefts and the heddles (for use with a loom with a shedding device) and beater are essentials for weaving tapestry.

Learn more here.

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The simple art of sampling

I simply love my Mirrix Loom, I can't stress that fact enough!  Recently I received the Spencer Treadle attachment for my Zach loom.  I must admit, it stayed in the box for a few weeks after it arrived and I was so anxious to take the time to attach it to my loom.  Life just got in the way! Work was crazy and then I had vacation with my family in the Outer Banks.  The first night we were home from vacation my hubby and I put it onto my loom ... it was such an easy process!

There is now a new video created by another Mirrix Loom fan, Janna Marie Vallee and her new video on attaching the Spencer treadle is amazing! If you missed her post, you can catch it here on the blog at  She takes you easily through the installment process and before you know it your Spencer Treadle is ready for weaving!  It makes the weaving process move quickly and easily!  I consider it an enhancement to my weaving life!

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Believe in Yourself (A Mirrix No Warp Ends Project)

I have to say, for me this was a NEW experience!!!  I have used looms before, and this is now my 2nd creation with the Big Sister Loom...but I have never used the No Warp Ends Kit on ANY loom!!  So, for me this was some trial and errors, but mostly just FUN!!

So, off I went!  I designed a pattern, put out the beads and was off to warp! 

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Birthday Month Loom Winner!

Congratulations to Marina Donohue, the winner of a 5" Mini Mirrix as part of Mirrix's 20th birthday celebration. 

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Strength in the Struggle

Hello again! So much to talk about today. So much to catch up on since I last blogged! Let’s begin, and above all, let’s hope it makes sense. :)

I’ve been busy acquainting myself with my new loom; and as you know from my last blog, I am a newbie when it comes to the life of Mirrix-ing. When my loom first arrived overwhelmed would be an understatement. Looking back I am not quite sure what made me so afraid of beginning? There aren’t realllllyyy that many parts, there aren’t a million tools involved—yet it took me several ‘attempts’ to actually get started. And by ‘attempts’ I mean I opened the box, and looked at it…and decided I needed to take a break, and breathe. Removed it from the box, and decided that maybe if I lay everything out neatly, then things will flow from there. Oh! Perhaps if I name her, we’ll become more familiar, some sort of synergy will be achieved, and I’ll be on my way. FOLKS. I LITERALLY NAMED MY MIRRIX LOOM 'PEARL'. It's ok to laugh. Why was I having such a hard time just *starting* to put my loom together?

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Take Your Tapestry Weaving to the Next Level: 15% off The Spencer Power Treadle

When Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase first developed the Mirrix Loom over 20 years ago, she knew she wanted a treadle to go with it. Why a treadle for tapestry weaving? It makes changing your shed faster and easier than doing it manually.

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