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Why She Wanted a Mirrix

Can You Advance Your Weaving with a Bottom Spring Kit on Your Loom?

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Beadwoven Wall Art Inspired by Katerina Art (Part 2)

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Beadwoven Wall Art Inspired by Katerina Art (Part 1)

My first Mirrix Loom Experience!

A Tall Mini Mirrix

Should You Purchase a Bottom Spring Kit?

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Tapestry is Weaving but Weaving Isn't Always Tapestry

A residency at Fibreworks Studio & Gallery

The Ultimate Guide to Bead Weaving Using the Shedding Device

The Mirrix Looms 2017 Summer Weaving Challenge

The Newbie's Guide to Pick and Pick

Learn How to Weave Beads From a 7-Year-Old!

Living the Woven Life

The "Not Afraid of Color Project" Part II

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Creating my Tapestry Woven Pouch ... Part Two!

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How to Add Texture to Your Weaving

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The "Not Afraid of Color" Project

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Artist Block & The definitive(ish) Guide On Getting Through It

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Weaving a Tapestry Dream Pouch Necklace . . . Part One

Tapestry: Art With a History

Weaving for the art of it

Navajo Style Weaving on a Mirrix Loom: YES YOU CAN

What Can Be Made on a Mirrix Loom?

What Do You Need to Begin Weaving?

Weaving a Crystal and Bead Bracelet Using the Shedding Device

keeping a weaving journal ...

Macrame on a Mirrix

How to weave with Soumak Stitch

Celebrate National Craft Month (With a Sale)

Turning Your Photos into Art (plus a free bead pattern and a sale)

Studio visit with Janna

Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms Demonstration @ The Handweavers Studio & Gallery

The fun in starting a new weaving project!

Crowdsourced Yarn/Sett List

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The Front Page Contest

The Case Against the $5 Loom

Tapestry Weaving 101 with Janna

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New Year, New Loom Accessories

The Age-Old Question: Is Warping Easy?

What's your New Year Weaving Resolution?

Mirrix's Top Blog Posts 2016

Spencer Treadle VS Mirrix Handle

Unoboxing a Mirrix Loom

The Perfect Last-Minute Gift

How I love the warping process!

New Product: Engraved Clips

How to Weave more than 1 Project without rewarping

"The Feather Project"

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Mirrix Looms Holiday Guide Guide 2016

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Learning the Importance of Color

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American Tapestry Alliance: Join and Get Mirrix Discounts!

The Easiest Way to Finish a Beaded Bracelet

Binge Weaving is for the Birds

Finishing beadwork with a beautiful gold clasp

Hatching: Your Tapestry Lightbulb Moment

A different way to use your Mirrix

Adjusting to my New Spencer Treadle

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Mirrix Looms: Looms To Grow With

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Sale: BeadCreator and Kumihimo Kits

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The simple art of sampling

Believe in Yourself (A Mirrix No Warp Ends Project)

Birthday Month Loom Winner!

Strength in the Struggle

Take Your Tapestry Weaving to the Next Level: 15% off The Spencer Power Treadle

Installing the Spencer Power Treadle


Making a Collar for Sam

Get To Know Your Mirrix Online Course

The Woolery

Hello There! I'm Donna Wynn

Weave-Along 22: The Kirsten Affinity Bracelet

Happy 20th Birthday to Us!

Flashback on the 20th Birthday of Mirrix

Copying as Flattery: A Mini Mirrix Moment

Connecting ‘things’ to Create Beauty

Janna Maria Vallee

Saving up for a Mirrix? Put One on Layaway!

To Shed or Not To Shed . . .

What Happens When You don't Plan Ahead

Joan Miró's Tapestries

Tiny Glass Beads.....

A Mirrix Loom and All It's Parts

Amber Kane: Textile Designer and Creativity Educator

Beaded Wrap Bracelet on a Mini Mirrix

The "Because the loom you weave on should be a work of art!" Contest!

Welcome to our Newest Social Market for a Mirrix Participants!

The Messy World of Real-Life Weaving

Warping for Bead Weaving the "Easy Warp" Way!

Warping for Bead Weaving With the Shedding Device and Two Colors of Thread

Free Shipping & 10% off of Loom Accessories This Weekend!

Weaving on The Easy Warp Sam Loom

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Painting Silk

Tell Your Friends: Social Market for a Mirrix 2016

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Warp Your Mirrix for Tapestry The "Easy Warp" Way!

The "Easy Warp" Sam Loom

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts! (And Get 10% Off Your Next Purchase)

Social Market for a Mirrix 2016

Choosing a Tapestry Weaving Loom: Wood Frame or Mirrix?

Finishing a long beaded piece without those pesky warp ends.

Tax Day Sale!

The Ultimate Mirrix Wish Lists, Curated By You!

Weaving a long beaded piece without warp ends!

Customer Story: Kim Holowatiuk

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Loom Feature: The 38" Zeus Loom

Loom Feature: The 32" Joni Loom

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Loom Feature: The 12" Little Guy Loom

Weave-Along 21: The Eccentric Wefts Tapestry Eyeglass Case

Customer Story: Lora Negrito

Craftsy Class Loom Sale (and more)!

Oops, We Ordered Too Many 1.5" Brass Cuff Blanks!

Bead Weaving: Perfect for a Beginner

Customer Story: Richard "Ric" Harber

Loom Feature: The 22" Zach Loom

Loom Feature: The 16" Big Sister Loom

Take Mirrix's Craftsy Class for 50% Off!

[Video] The Basics of Finishing a Tapestry

10 Reasons Tapestry Weaving Should Be Your New Hobby

Loom Feature: The 8" Lani Loom

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Color Gradation with Blended Wefts

Loom Feature: The 5" Mini Mirrix

Buying The Best

Bauble Bracelet Ebook

The "Like My Mirrix" Contest!

Weaving For Dramatic Texture

Elena's Birthday Sale!

Weaving Wellness Month: Ergonomics

Weaving a Scarf on a Mirrix is Like Frying an Egg in a Stock Pot

Getting Even Tension When Weaving Tapestry

Weaving Wellness Month: Destashing and Taking Inventory of that Mess

New Free Project: The Textural Tapestry Wall-Hanging

Woven Smart Phone Case Kit & Tapestry Purse Kit Flash Sale!

Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour: Weaving Shapes

Week Two of Weaving Wellness Month: Yoga for Crafters

Weaving Wellness Month: Experiences & Happiness

It's Weaving Wellness Month At Mirrix Looms!

The Best of 2015

New Loom Images!

Heddle Troubleshooting for Tapestry Weaving)

Zeus Loom Sale

Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour

12 Days of Deals! (Day Twelve)

12 Days of Deals! (Day Eleven)

12 Days of Deals! (Day Ten)

12 Days of Deals! (Day Nine)

12 Days of Deals! (Day Eight)

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Gift Buying Guide for the Tapestry/Bead Weaver in Your Life

12 Days of Deals! (Day Six)

Gift Buying Guide for the Bead Weaver in Your Life

Last Day To Order For Christmas Delivery

Buy a Loom, Get a Free Bead Pattern!

12 Days of Deals! (Day Five)

Gift Buying Guide for the Tapestry Weaver in Your Life

12 Days of Deals! (Day Four)

12 Days of Deals! (Day Three)

12 Days of Deals! (Day Two)

12 Days of Deals!

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Giving Tuesday: The ASPCA

What it Means to be Small

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Fun with Hand-painted Silk and Crystals

Mirrix's 20th Weave-Along: The Holiday Lights Bracelet

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Weave-Along 19: Textural Tapestry

Mirrix Looms Celebrates National Cat Day!

Balancing The Warping Bar

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Featured Customer: Sibel Moyano

Weaving Therapy & A Mini Tapestry

Social Market for a Mirrix Reunion: Janna Maria Vallee

Traveling With Your Loom

Handles Are Here: Let's Celebrate!

Do You Weave While Watching TV?

Social Market for a Mirrix Reunion: Julia Hecht

The Blue Hibiscus Bracelet Project Ebook is Now Available!

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What Can You Create? Weave-Along 18 Final Projects!

The Back of a Tapestry

Holiday Tree Ornament

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Bead Woven Projects for that special gift

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The Crystal & Bead Wrap Bracelet (And a Chance to Save)

American Tapestry Biennial 11

New Tapestry/Bead Cuff Ebook

Customer Project Feature: Iowa Aerial Map by Kaleigh Everding

Customer Project Feature: Knotted Pile Galaxy by Pinar Miski

Customer Project Feature: Garden of Elivis by Felicitas

Weave-Along 18:

Buy a Loom and Get a Chance to Receive $50 Back in Store Credit

Woven Silk and Crystals

The SIZZLING Summer Sale!

A Simple Beaded Bracelet using the No warp ends kit!

An Introduction to Navajo Weaving

Simple Beaded Bracelet

It's time to GO BIG!

Talking Tapestry Webinar: September 3rd, 2015

Customer Feature: Maureen Kenney

5 Tips To Sell Your Work Online

Customer Feature: Michelle Dixon

The Tapestry Weaving of the Coptics

Handpainted Silk Braclet with Clasp

Up to $100 off The Spencer Power Treadle

The Tapestry Weavings of the Incas

A Brief History of Tapestry Weaving

Let's Talk Looms: Where Do You Weave?

The Upgrade Your Bead Loom Sale

Silk Bracelets Galore (plus a new kit and a great deal)

Seattle Class at Weaving Works

Let's Talk Looms: Monday, July 13th

Free Day Lily One Bead Pattern Download!

Inspiration in Paradise

More of that Hand-painted Silk

The Ditch-Your-Frame Tapestry Loom Sale

New Clip Design

Why Warp Spacing Matters

Tapestry and Cloth Weaving... What's the Difference?

Are You a Weaving Teacher? Read this!

How to Make a Frame Loom for Weaving in Four Easy Steps

8 Reasons to Choose a Mirrix Loom for Tapestry

Welcome to Mirrix’s Third Ambassador: Natalie Novak

Hand-Painted Silk Day Coming

Free Shipping: Today Only!

The Graduate

Welcome to Mirrix's Second Ambassador: Maryanne Moodie

Silk Ideas

Save With a Loom Weave-Along Package!

What Can You Create With Hand-Painted Silk? (Part 2)

Instagram Contest Winner!

Our First Instagram Contest -extended to 5/29

Ten Reasons to Choose a Mirrix

Art: It's Not Just For Artists

Memorial Day Deals!

The Brief History of My Tapestry Journey

Our First Mirrix Looms Ambassador: Erin Riley

Help Us Win a Grant!

The Split-Loom Necklace Weave-Along: Results!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Weave-Along 17: The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet (again)

Treadle Combination Sale Through May

BeadCreator Deal

New Free Mini Heart Tapestry Wall-Hanging Ebook!

Mirrix Looms Ambassador Program

Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets

My Favorite Tapestry Technique: Guest Post by Rebecca Mezoff

Weave-Along 16: The Spiral Split Split-Loom Necklace

An Easter Egg Hunt

And The Winner Is...

The Automatic Mirrix

Skill-Shares in New York City

Does Your Loom Travel in Style?

Customer Feature: Terry Hanson, avowed lover of all bead things.

Weekend Workshop

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Prevent Pulling-In!

Weaving With Fringe

Happy Being "Never-Done"

What's Mulberry Silk?

It's Your Birthday, You Can Get A Loom Deal if You Want To!

Saori-Inspired Weaving On a Mirrix

Our Nerdiest Contest Yet

Donate to The American Tapestry Alliance and Possibly Win Some Very Amazing Prizes

Tapestry Mirrix Loom Accessory Bag

Silk Tapestry Contest: Fish and a Pouch!

3 Oscar Trends for Weaving Inspiration!

Craftsy Class

Join a Group!

Treadle Sale: One Week Only! (Meet Spencer)

Tutorial: Leather envelope Macbook Air case with tapestry insert

Little Tapestry

A little silk obsession

Tapestry Tidbits

Heart Tapestry Package

The Do-Over, Again

Twill and an upcoming event in NYC

Blizzard Sale

Other Bead Looms

Making something really cool out of a warp failure

Mini silkscapes

Price Increases

Crowdsourced Yarn List

Where's Your Inspiration?

360 Degrees

Silk and Mirrix Loom

The Pre-Loom Checklist

What can you create (with hand-painted silk)?

Crafty Resolutions

The Best Beginner Loom

Claudia's Craftsy Class

Goodbye Old Year: Our Most Popular Posts of 2014

Lemko Tapestry - Weaving and Forgiveness

Share Your Story!

A Mini Tutorial - Hemp and Button Clasp

The Share Your Studio Contest Winner!

What to Make for a Last-Minute Gift?

Gift Certificates


Shipping for Christmas

One More Holiday Deal...

The Last (and best) Day of Mirrix-Days!

Changing Seasons Bracelet Ebook -Free With Purchase!

Mirrix-Days Day 4: 15% off a second shedding device!

The Third Day of Mirrix-Days!

On The Second Day of Mirrix-Days My True Love Gave to Me...

On Tapestry Warp

The First Day of Mirrix-Days! Sale on BeadCreator Pro. 6.

Mini Tapestries: Kits Now For Sale!

Color Work - Magical Mosaic Continued

Mirrix's Dog Collar Project Featured on the Craftsy Blog

The Perfect Gift

Holiday Hints 2014

The Perfect Gift for a Pampered Pooch

It's Here... Cyber Monday!

Weaving twill with two shedding devices

Trim Your Tree

New FREE Jewel Cuff Bracelet Ebook!

Share your Studio Contest

A Few of My Favorite Things to Give as Gifts

Want to turn your photos into bead weavings? (15% off BCP)

To shed or not to shed

Simple Frame Loom Vs. Mirrix

Visiting Handweavers Studio & Gallery in London!

Rusted woven wool

Tapestry: Painting with Fiber

When You Know You Are Close…Keep Going

Natural Dye Sampler

Dog Collar Weave-along - Week 3, Finishing

Color Theory for Beadwork

Dog Collar Weave-Along, Week 2

We Admit It... (A little bit about where Mirrix Looms are made)

Rusting fabric

back to basics

WeaveWith October: What did you learn?

Weave Along: Bling Dog Collar

Double Shedding Device Ebook

Mini Mirrix: New Coils Now Here!

The Mystery of the Missing Mini

Triangle Beads Meet Dog Collar

Around town

WeaveWith Week 3: Why do you weave?

Over The Hump with Hemp

Off my Mirrix

WeaveWith Week Two: Your Designs

Wrapped Leather and Bead Bracelets

WeaveWith October: Choosing a Poem

The Final Installment of the Silk Smart Phone Case

Changing Seasons Wire and Bead Woven Bracelet

Product Feature: The No Warp-Ends Kit

WeaveWith October 2014: Poetry

Woven Silk Smart Phone Case

Braids and Woven Trim for Your Silk Smart Phone Case

Weave Along 14: Week Four

Weaving circles with two shedding devices

New iPhone? Weave this Case!

Next Secret Project

The Sam-estry

A Series of Blobs

Introducing: WeaveWith

Monday Inspiration: Make a case for that new iPhone 6!

Weave-Along 14: Week Three

20% off the Spencer Power Treadle this Weekend ONLY

Orienting your tapestry cartoon

One Idea for finishing beadwork

Weave-Along 14: Week 2

Bead Weaving with SoftFlex Wire

Get a Free Bead Pattern & Tell a Friend!

Inspirational artists

Weave-Along 14, Week One: Double Trouble: two shedding devices, one loom

Secret Project Reveal Time

Weaving a hem

September Share-Sponsor for Social Market for a Mirrix: VC Artisan Originals

When you leave everything you thought you needed home

What's your Mirrix Story?

Off the loom: silk tapestry cuff

What happens when you're given a Mirrix Loom?

Finishing Loom Woven Beadwork Jewelry

Jerry Rigged for a 16 Dent

Tapestry versus rigid heddle versus jack looms

We Love The New Spencer Treadle... But Don't Take Our Word For It

I told you so!

Tying up loose ends, literally.

Mirrix's First Virtual Art Show!

Weaving in Bed

Tapestry cuff

Secret Project Update

Free Form Experiment by Julia L. Hecht

Introducing: The Double Shedding Device Weave-Along

Weaving Rugs Across The Himalayas

Double shedding device; double fun!

Tapestry Tool Box and The American Tapestry Alliance

Double shedding devices are fun!

Finishing Tapestry Ends

Free Shipping: It's Ending for Real!

Sneak Peak: Using two shedding devices on the Mirrix Loom

Convergence Reflections


Secret Project 1st Panel

Happiness in Readiness

Small Progress

Summertime natural dyeing

HGA Convergence 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island!

Cubist's Delight

Adventures in Extreme Shag

Secret Project

It's Here, Mirrix's 18th Birthday Month!

Rock Series: Sample 2

Leaps and Bounds!

Loomed Barrette

Bit By Bit

New ideas


Beginning Embellishment - Social Market for a Mirrix 2014 - by Julia L. Hecht

5 Ways You'll Love Starting Something New (Like Weaving)

A creative exercise

Trial & Error

My first woven beads on a Mirrix

Convergence 2014

Is Your Next Craft Addiction Weaving Fiber on a Loom? (Free Ebook)

Embroidered Split Loom Necklace

SoftFlex Company" Social Market for a Mirrix 2014 June Share-Sponsor

We're extending free shipping until July 31st, 2014!

Vacation Happens by Julia L. Hecht - Social Market for a Mirrix 2014

Is your next craft addiction weaving beads on a loom?

Trying my hand at Beadcreator Pro

Deco Diamonds by Julia L. Hecht - Social Market for a Mirrix 2014

Off the loom

Enjoying Imperfection - Social Market for a Mirrix 2014 - Julia L. Hecht

Sign Mirrix's 18th Birthday Card

Share Your First Piece!

A visit to the Cloisters, NYC

Split Loom Necklace-WIP

Weaving from the back

The American Tapestry Alliance. Social Market for a Mirrix 2014 Share Sponsor

Tidbits of Beaded Loom Design

Lurcat's Tapestry Revival, part three

Playing by Julia Hecht

May Social Market for a Mirrix Share-Sponsor: The American Tapestry Alliance

Free Shipping this Month

For Mother's Day, Let her Choose!

Oh how I love that Sari Silk

FAQ: Tension & Bead Weaving

FAQ: An Alternative Way to Balance Your Warping Bar

Social Market for a Mirrix 2014 - First Step Bracelet by Julia L. Hecht

BeadCreator Pro 6 SALE

Lurcat's Tapestry Revival, part two

Ex Libris Bag

Learn tapestry online with Rebecca Mezoff

A Little Crystal bling!

Oh those Czech-Mates!

Weave a Dog Collar

Lurcat's Tapestry Revival, part one

Help Me Decide

Ex Libris Amulet

Weaving with My New Czech Beads

Social Market for a Mirrix 2014 - My First Go at the Loom, by Julia L. Hecht

Getting started on my first Mirrix loom

Happy Spring: Free Bead Pattern

Czech beads and softflex wire!

Social Market for a Mirrix 2014-Christina Neit Intro

Social Market for a Mirrix 2014 - Julia's Introduction

Introduction to Janna Maria Vallee

Have a party... and get stuff free!


Congratulations to our winners!

Warping is Easy!

How easy is it to weave beads?

Lots of new Bracelets and Future Kits!

Try Layaway

New Projects and Kits to come

Throwback Thursday

The Joy of Giving (and Receiving) Handmade

Buy now, save later

The work of Steven and William Ladd

Single Copper Loom Seeks Lifelong Companion

Happy Valentine's Day

Mirrix Looms Social Market for a Mirrix Share-Sponsors 2014

Starter Bracelet Tutorial

Large Bead Weaving

Recent to the Mirrix store

Sometimes the only choice is to weave

Delica Bead Bracelet on Leather Cuff

For the younger Mirrix bead weaver

Happy Valentine's Day

More Soumak, Bigger Piece

Beat the Winter Blues!

Silk, Soumak and a New Year

Old Posts Blog Series: Pull and Pray

Happy New Year!

Christmas Deliveries

Rag Mug Rug Weave-Along

Give a loom, get a $10 coupon code

The 12 Days of Holiday Deals: This promotion has ended

Kids Can Weave!

Weave-Along Crystal & Bead Cuff (week two)

Giving Tuesday

It's Cyber Monday!

Bead and Crystal Cuff Weave-Along (week one)

Cyber Monday Share for a Deal

How to start a new thread when weaving beads

Weave-Alongs 12 & 13

A New Class

Next Weave along: Crystal and Bead Cuff Bracelet

What you can do (slowly) with Hand painted Silk

Slow Art/Craft

Retrospective, sort of

Contest: Gifts Made on a Mirrix

10 Ways to Tell if Someone in Your Life Would Love a Mirrix Loom

Holiday Hints!

Studio Cleaning: Fall 2013

Checkerboard Cuff Bracelet

Holiday Gift Mirrix Looms Bead Weaving Class: December 8th, 2013

Painting Silk, Again!

How to Choose a Mirrix Loom

Mirrix Retail Recommendation


Weave-Along 11 Updates!

Bead Woven & Embroidery Bracelet: Finishing!

Bead Woven & Embroidery Bracelet -Bead Weaving the Base

Martha Stewart American Made Nominee

Easy Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet

Bead Woven & Embroidery Bracelet- Intro & Warping

Intro to Tapestry Class: Finishing the Sampler

FREE Warp Coil Label Template: Label Those Springs!

Intro to Tapestry Class: The Circle

Intro to Tapestry Class: Eccentric Wefts, Outlining, and Weft Dance

Five Reasons why you should Choose Mirrix this Summer

Intro to Tapestry Class: Triangles and Random Geometrics

On Kindness and Art

Intro to Tapestry Class: Pick and Pick Combination Plus Chevrons

Intro to Tapestry Class: Slit Tapestry Technique

Intro to Tapestry Class: Pick and Pick and Soumak Knots

Intro to Tapestry Class: Weft Interlock

Intro to Tapestry Class: Header and Wavy Lines

Mirrix-Ware: We're bringin' it back!

Getting Started with the Introduction to Tapestry Class

It's a new weave-along: The Crystal Cuff

Quality Workmanship: Better for your wallet, better for the environment. Happy Earth Day

Three new bracelets

More Beaded cuffs and a wrap bracelet

Wire & Suede: Another 20-minute Bracelet

The 20-Minute Bracelet

New bracelets from Claudia

Craftartedu Class in tapestry weaving

Embroidery with hand painted silk yarn

Playing with Color: Painting Silk

Free Bead Patterns


Ask Elena: Warp Coil Woes


Creativity and making things

Bead Weaving, Freestyle!

Fringed Affinity Bracelet

Bead and Button Class, June 2013: Woven Bead and Fiber Bracelets

January Weaving Diary: Starting Out

January Tapestry/Bead Diary

New Kit in a Basket

You Got a Loom as a Gift: Now What?

Ask Elena: Which Loom for Weaving on The Go?

Christmas Shipping

Ask Elena: How do you use different sized beads in the same piece?

Ask Elena: Which kit to save warp?

Weave-Along 9: Finishing your bead and crystal necklace

The Mirrix Freeform Bracelet

Ask Elena: What do I need to get started?

Bead Soup Bracelet Revisited

Ask Elena

What is a Shedding Device?

Crystal and Bead Bracelet # Two

Seven bracelets in Seven Days

Confetti and Bead Necklace Weave-Along Week 2

New Mirrix Return Policy for Looms: FREE returns

New Loom Options!

Cyber Monday Deals Are Here

Confetti Crystal and Bead Necklace Weave-Along: Week One

More Tapestry Artists

The first in a list of tapestry weavers' websites

Mirrix Updates Pre-Holidays 2012

New Gold Thread

Win a 5" Mini Mirrix and Share The Love!

Thoughts on Teaching Tapestry

Fun photos of Kits in a Basket

New Crystal and Bead Necklace Kit almost ready to ship!

Bead and Crystal Necklace woven during Hurricane Sandy

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

An Interview with Tina Kane and her work on the Burgos Tapestry Project at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

New Online Tapestry Course

I finished it!!

Kits in a basket and Crystal bead bracelet

Bead Loom, Kit & Class Package

New Kits!

They say time flies

Cheerio and tootle pip!

Embroidering Leno Lace

Finally something for me!

Weave along #8- Part Seven Finishing Techniques

Soumak Pouch Weave Along # 8 Part 6- Edging Cords

Wrapping Things Up

Weave Along #8 Soumak Pouch- Part 5 Checkerboard borders

Soumak Pouch Weave Along #8 Part Four Weaving Techniques

To do or not to do

Advanced Tapestry Techniques

Soumak Pouch Weave Along #8 Part Three Warping the Looms

Travels with Mini

Productive times

Ain’t No Stopping Me Now

Soumak Pouch Weave Along #8 Part Two: Design Notes

The Big Leagues

Weave Along #8- Soumak Pouch Part One- Setting up the Looms

The Colorblock Bracelet

Everything Old is New Again…Plus Another Tip!

The worst is over!

Happy Birthday Claudia

New Kits Are Coming...

Look Ma, No Warp Ends!

Two more pouches for the Soumak Pouch Weave Along

Magnatamas, Tilas & Silk, Oh My… Plus A Quick Tip

Furoshiki wrap technique to carry a small loom

Almost there

Bead Weaving: A Love-Hate Relationship

Thank goodness it's over

Gold, Gold Everywhere!

Oooh Claudia made gorgeous kits for the Soumak Pouches

Mirrix Goes to Montauk

Hello, Gorgeous!

Feel the pain and stop

Chalkboards are low tech dandy design tools

A lightbulb moment

Mirrix Loom Weave Along Soumak Pouch- 2- Looms, tools, equipment

Practice makes (almost) perfect

Mirrix Loom Weave Along #8- Soumak Pouch-1-Warp and Weft

Mirrix Looms Weave Along #8 Soumak Pouch-ALL the links

Slow and steady wins the race

And CUT!

Tips for quick and easy heddling on Mirrix looms

Warping Mirrix Looms with Loom Extenders

Setting up loom extenders on the Mirrix loom

A few notes about the Treadle and hints and tips for the Mirrix

Back on track

To frog or not to frog

Cheap and Cheerful alternatives for tapestry bobbins

Weave-Along 7: Finishing Your Purse

Sketching Swatching and Sampling are such valuable weaving tools

A Left-Handed Loom

Weave-Along 7: Continuing to Weave

Creating a pattern from a photo

How to weave inkle bands on Mirrix Looms Part Four

How to weave inkle bands Part Three

How to weave inkle bands on Mirrix looms Part Two

How to weave inkle bands on Mirrix looms Part One

Weave-Along Week Three: Weft Interlock

Two needle method for beading on the loom

Beaded Social Media Icons

Getting to the good part!

Silk Purse Weave-Along Week 2 (Weave-Along 7)

How to weave Leno Lace on the Mirrix loom

A slightly different approach to the 'No Warp Ends' technique

First attempt at iphone/smartphone case

Saved warp thread

Combining Beads and Fiber on a Mirrix Loom (with the shedding device)

Affinity Wrap Bracelet

Learn to Weave Beads in 23 Pictures

Weave-Along 7, Day One: Silk and Bead Purse

How to wind butterflies and make upcycled wooden tapestry bobbins

Which would you choose?

Weaving Beads -It's Easy!

Working with handspun painted yarn in tapestry

Not quite conquered but almost there!

A pin a stick and a loop of string to open sheds

Those weft ends

A Visit to Mirrix Manufacturing

Everything needs trying at least once

A nifty way of storing your thread and yarn stash

Onto a good thing!

Social Market for a Mirrix

A quick and easy way to make string heddles for your Mirrix loom

Hand painted silk ribbon! and some roving . . .

Beads, Baubles and Jewels

Affinity bracelet with a change

Pictures from Craftsy online Course

Crafty Class Has Launched

Those Pesky Heddles

Book Giveaway!

Ott-Lite Blog interview

Inkle Weaving on a Mirrix

How has your mother (or a mother you love) inspired you artistically?

More hand-painted silk

Weave-Along 6: Crystal and Two-Cut Bead Affinity Bracelet

The Friendship Bracelet All Grown Up


A rainbow, a bracelet

Affinity Bangles

A new affinity bracelet and an ankle bracelet

Weave-Along 6: Week Two, The Second Bracelet

New Hand-dyed Silk yarn

The Affinity Bracelet Weave-Along Week One

Hand painted silk

Affinity Bracelets

No Warp-Ends Bracelet: Finishing

It's The Journey...

No Warps to Weave in Bracelet Weave-along

Thread, beads and Related Information

More hand painted yarn

Tapestry Needles!!!

Affinity bracelets just won't stop jumping off my Mirrix

Hand painted silk yarn will be on the website by this evening.

Dyeing Today!

Affinity bracelets!

Weaving with gold thread and beads

Finishing The Cuff

Affinity Bracelets (aka grown-up friendship bracelets)

Friendship Bracelet from the Mind of Elena

Friendship Bracelet on The Mini

Crystal and dagger bracelet failure and success

Tapestry Techniques


Beginning to Weave



Getting Started: The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet Kit

Warping with the No Warp-Ends Kit

Gold Bracelet Collection Notes from the Plane

Gold thread bracelet, loom stand and some thoughts

Warping for Bead Weaving With The Shedding Device

Gold Thread and Bead Bracelet

Warping for Bead Weaving Without the Shedding Device

Gold thread and bead weaving

Finishing Techniques for Tapestry and Books you must own

Finishing Techniques for Beadweaving

Warping for Tapestry

No warps bracelet now available in blue/green

Weaving a city of gold

No warps loom woven earrings

Mirrix Weave-Along 4: Getting Started

Happy Holidays

This and That now that I have a few seconds

Weave-Along 3: Finishing The Beaded Purse

What would I want from Mirrix as a holiday gift?

What I would want for a Present from Mirrix!

Guest Blogger: Anthony Locane

Finishing The Tapestry Purse

Four legged family friends and members and then there is the fox

Weave-Along 3: Weaving and Weaving Those Beads

Weave-Along 3: Finishing The Tapestry Eyeglass Case

No warps necklace

Busy weaving and busy talking to all of you!

Continuing to Weave

The Beaded Purse: Beginning to Weave

The Woven Purse: Beginning to Weave

Soft Flex Again and and another no warps bracelet

New No Warps Bracelet one and two

Welcome to the 3rd Mirrix Weave-Along

Mirrix's Weave-Along 3: The Beaded Purse

Mirrix's Weave-Along 3: The Woven Purse

Tomorrow's Weave-along

New Mirrix Products and the motor scooters

Just Weft kits

Wintober 2011

McKinley Loom Baby Pictures and Autumn bracelet in winter

Softflex weavings and autumn

Thoughts from this morning

Elegant/Wedding Cuff Final Weave-Along. So now what?

Elegant/Wedding Cuff Final Weave-along

Last Day of Current weave-along but new great ones to follow

Kumihimo Disk

Small Tapestry Purse

New Small Tapestry Purse

The Collar Project: Finished

This and that

Weave-Along 2: Finishing Weaving

LaniLoom now has a Shedding Device!

All About Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelets

The Weave-Along 2: Beginning to Weave (& technique)

Dyeing! And the newly invented small purse kit

The Mirrix Weave-Along: Balancing the warping bar

The Collar Project: Day Three

Weave-Along 2: Warping

New Tapestry Purse Kit

No Warp Ends Kit

The Collar Project: Day Two

Delivering Mirrix Looms to WEBS

The Dog Collar Project: Day One

Softflex wire bracelet with No Warps to Sew in method

Mirrix Tapestry Elegant or Wedding Tapestry/Cuff Bracelet weave-along

Welcome to the 2nd Mirrix Weave-Along

Free Form Bead Weaving on the Mirrix Loom

Tapestry for WEBS

Weave-Along #2: Details and prizes!

Someone else has another way of weaving with paper clips

No Warps to finish part two

No Warps to Finish Bead Weaving

Mirrix for Moms

Beaded Smart phone case done!



Thank you & a winner!

Weave-Along #2 & #3

Welcome back to me!

The Finished Cuff

Weave-Along: Week Four, finishing the cuff!

Weave-Along: Week Three, Tapestry Techniques

Weave-Along: Week Two

Welcome to The Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms Weave-Along!

Saturday, July 23rd: Pre Weave-Along Set-Up

Mini Mirrix Goes to The Beach

Two new finished formal/wedding cuffs and a little white water

Weave-Along Update!

Wedding Bracelet Kits on their way!

Weave-a-long, Win-a-kit!

Tapestry weaving looms and why you want a Mirrix

Blog Post on Craftsy

The Wedding Bracelet

Introducing: The Mirrix Weave-Along

Solitary weaving, progress on beading and a weave-along

The West Coat!

Raven Rocks Studio

Oh Whidbey

Mirrix West!

Going West

Bear and Noodle

Thank you Elena

Tapestry Pendents

Picture of Claudia doing Beads, Baubles and Jewels episode

Beaded Cuff Bracelet finished

Split-Loom Bracelet: The splits

The Janice Lynn Memorial & The Isla Women's Beading Collective

Beaded Woven Cuff Bracelet

Mirrix projects in the News, sort of

A Split-Loom Bracelet: Part Two

Beadwork Magazine and beads, baubles and jewels

Split Loom Bracelet: Warping & First Rows

A Split-Loom Bracelet

Easy Weaving

Zentangle jewelry tags

New Cats

Loom on its way to Mexico

Jewelry for sale on Mirrix website soon!

Whidbey Island Workshop Reminder!

Presenting: The Tapestry Toxo Headband

One side done!

Finishing With Beads

Made In America!

Split-Loom Bracelet

Almost done!

Taking Scissors to It

Waxing Philosophical

Tapestry Purse done!

Alas, two weavings off the loom

Advancing Your Weaving

Ultra Suede for Headband Backs

The Headband Project: A Recap of the beginning


Non-woven necklace

My Lotus SLN

On Quality Supplies

The Headband Project, Part 3 ...And why you can weave anywhere

Can't always be weaving

New Free Mirrix Bead Pattern

Finally, Down to the Wire! Thanks Mirrix!

Transferring a beaded piece from one loom to another

Headband Progress

Why a ©Weighted Warp?

Making a rag tapestry purse

Sexy new Mirrix loom pictures: a sneak preview

Inspiration at Cornell


A New Project: Woven Headbands

Finished Handspun Tapestry

Handspun yarn tapestry

A Challenge: Pick Up That Loom

Those cuff bracelets again!

Kiya and Kiowa: mustang rescue

I should have waited for the mail goddess to arrive

Layers of Looming!

It's cold outside and the yarn hasn't arrived yet

More Cuffs and Stuff

All about Yarn!

Thank You, Bonnie

Latest warp-faced weave cuff

A New Bead Looming Tool!

2011 Association of NW Weavers' Guilds Conference

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #18

Social Market for a Mirrix

Inkle cuff bracelet on the Mirrix Loom

Creating a 'picture fringe'!

Inkle weave cuff on the Mirrix Loom

Spinning and Knitting

Swarovski Crystal and gold delica bracelet, take four

Social Market for a Mirrix

Next Mirrix Free Bead Pattern

Swarovski crystal and gold delica bracelet, take three

The twenty-two inch Mirrix loom models for you

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #17

The Mirrix Family of Looms

Today is the Day

Social Market for a Mirrix

Swarovski crystal and gold delica bracelet, take two

Twisted Fringe Accents

Swarovski crystal and gold delica bracelet

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #16

Social Market for a Mirrix

Sometimes you just have to listen to your friends

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #15

Social Market for a Mirrix

Guest Blogging: A Trip to Whidbey

Guest Blogging: A Trip to Whidbey Island

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix

Inkle weaving on the MIrrix Loom

Zendoodle and winter storms and colored pencils

On this day 26 years ago . . .

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #14

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix

Free Bead Patterns

A loomed Needle Case!

Social Market for a Mirrix

Golden Beaded Cuff

Zendoodle and colored pencil land

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #13

Social Market for a Mirrix

Inside and Out Inspiration for Weavings

Social Market for a Mirrix

How to Give Your Mirrix a Bath

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #12

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix

Social Market for a Mirrix Video #11

Social Market for a Mirrix

Tapestry Yarn

Loomed Earrings!

Social Market for a Mirrix

Zentangle and colored pencil

Social Market for a Mirrix

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