Fringed Affinity Bracelet

Presenting a new fringed Affinity Bracelet made by Claudia! It took her about an hour to make. What do you think? Do you like the fringe? What about the clasp? fringedsouthwest

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2 thoughts on “Fringed Affinity Bracelet

  1. If I am to be totally honest, there are some things about the bracelet that I am totally crazy about, and a few things that I’m not. I LOVE the color selection, the turquoise really pops! And there is a wonderful mix of textures and sizes. The clasp is great – in fact, I’d love to find one. I have to admit that I’m not crazy about the fringe. From a strictly practical viewpoint, it would be an annoyance to me to have that fringe brushing against my wrist all day. And I like the larger beads, but my own feeling is that maybe they’re a little too large – they give the bracelet a kind of spiky look which I am not a fan of, particularly. Not to say it’s bad, it’s just not me. But I’m a petite jewelry kind of gal, so what the heck do I know??! I do love that it only took an hour, though. I would just change up a few things.

  2. I really love this bracelet. I would love to see it in a kit. While visually, I love the effect of the fringe, I think Elaine has a point that it may be an irritant for me to wear.

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