January Weaving Diary: Starting Out

Bead Diary:

I decided my bead diary will be vertical. I also decided I won’t make every “day” exactly the same size, but this does mean I have to keep space in mind as I got towards the end of the month since I only have about 24 inches to work with.

The Stats:

12″ Little Guy Mirrix Loom advanced until 6 inches of threaded rod is showing
18 dent coil
11/0 Delicas (I’m using a bunch of tiny bags of leftover beads I stole from Claudia)

photo copy 3

1 and 2

The green and red is January 1st (see the “1”?) and the pink and silver is the second. Simple, easy, fast!

Tapestry Diary:

Like my bead diary, each “day” of my tapestry diary will not be the same size. You may want to make each of your days equal, though. I’m a more go-with-the-flow type of person. We’ll see where this goes!

The Stats:

16″ Big Sister Mirrix Loom 
12 dent coil warped every other dent
Warp: Navajo wool warp
Weft: Brown Sheep Yarn/silk/whatever I feel like


The first was done with half wool and half dyed Mulberry silk. The second is just wool. See the “2”?

And that’s my start! Questions? Comments? So you like the idea of a tapestry diary?

4 thoughts on “January Weaving Diary: Starting Out

  1. I am still confused. I thought this would come to us via facebook, but do I have to access the blog each time? Also when I access the blog I am getting no pictures????

    • I’ll post on Facebook too, and I posted the link there. I’m not sure why you can’t see pictures. Maybe try in a different browser? This blog is WordPress hosted, not by us, so I’m not sure how to resolve an issue like that.

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