Crystal and Bead Bracelet # Two

So I did weave the bracelet and I did take it off the loom, but the day got ahead (or behind?) me and I didn’t get to add the clasp.  That gives me an entire grade off starting at a B although I do like this bracelet better than the first AND the photos are a lot better.  At least you will be able to see the detail and get a feel for how this was set up on the loom and how the beads fit in their little places.  I have used both 11/0 and 8/0 seeds beads as well as the 4mm crystals.  One crystal, three 11/0 seed beads and two 8/0 seeds beads fit in the space between the warp threads.  I’ve used C-Lon fine beading cord for warp and C-Lon size D beading thread to string and weave the beads.

Half way there!


Finished on loom



Off loom taking a little rest



Close up of resting bracelet



First thing tomorrow when there is sun I will finish this one and weave and finish bracelet number three!

2 thoughts on “Crystal and Bead Bracelet # Two

  1. I am very new to bead weaving but my inspiration to learn was from a bracelet just like this. Is there any way to obtain the instructions. I just love it and would love to try to make one like it.
    Thank you

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