Weave-Along 3: Finishing The Tapestry Eyeglass Case

I decided to finish the eyeglass case (or it could be an iPod case if you make it a tad wider).  Those of you who are working on the original purse, just keep on weaving and we will post finishing for that next weekend.  I am going to post the finishing for the smaller piece.

I have to tell you, it was really fun to finish.  I was sort of hoping I could get away with not using any beads simply so it would be more “manly” but there were stitches I needed to cover up and the beads were the only option.  I love the way the beads look.  I don’t know if my brother-in-law will like the beads as much.  I might have to try a second one where I am really careful with my sewing so that it doesn’t require beads.  But being a lover of beads and especially the way they can cover things up so beautifully . . . . it’s hard to not use them.

Last weekend we ended with the piece off the loom and the warps tied off, weft ends trimmed.

The next step is to back the piece with silk.  Silk makes everything just that much more beautiful!  These stitches will only show at the opening of the eyeglass case, so be careful if you are not going to finish with beads to make those top stitches as neat and invisible as possible.

My stitches below.  I’d give them about a C plus, maybe.

The next step is to sew the bottom and one side together.  The other side, obviously, is where you fold the case.  This is where you want those neat little stitches again if you are not going to fall back on the beads to make it look good.

You could be done now.  I wasn’t.  I used about three seed beads for each pass.

 Then I sewed beads on the side and bottom.  Sometimes I used three, sometimes four or five.  I also used a combination of size 11/0 and 8/0 beads just for fun.

I really loved the final result.  Even snuck my eyeglasses into it just to see . . .

You don’t have to give it away.  You can keep it and make another one!

No warps necklace

Had to try it!  I can’t stop playing with the no warps kit.  It just fascinates me as does weaving on wire, which I’ve never been able to do before.  I took the beads from the no warps kit and used them for a necklace.  The piece is only four warps (three beads) wide.  I made it 14 inches long.

Here are my results:

It’s kind of a choker style piece.  I used a glass button to finish it.

I love those magatamas although I can’t stand their name and I always have to look at the package to spell the name.  They carry color differently from round seed beads.  Maybe it’s because they have so much surface.  I am fascinated.  Okay, so it doesn’t take a lot to fascinate me when it comes to color and beads!

Here’s where you can get the bracelet kit and just use it to make a necklace (or two) instead.


Or just buy some soft flex wire:


Looking for your own stash of magatama beads?  Check out Caravan Beads.  Since they import directly from Japan, they always have the full range of all Myuki Beads.  Candy store here I come!


Busy weaving and busy talking to all of you!

Not at the same time.  I can’t talk and weave at the same time.  One is right brain; one is left brain and my right and left brains are NOT attached.  At all, it seems.

I am going to post the eyeglass case I made out of the small purse kit.  It was fun!  Can’t decide if it’s okay to give to my brother-in-law because of the beads.  But why not?  Please, someone weigh in on this?  Can guys carry around eyeglass cases with beads?

Let me show you the piece.

Sewing her sides up.

Covering up the sewing with beads.


I love the silk lining.

Another angle.

Please check A Word from Elena on Sunday for more about this and the weave-along.  We will be doing week four of the latest weave-along.