Softflex weavings and autumn

I am finishing up the fourth bracelet for my guest Soft flex blog.  These bracelets use soft flex wire and the no warps to finish kit. Really fun and fast.  For this one I am using autumn colors. It’s a random pattern I am making up as I go along.

Soft flex wire and delica beads necklace with no warps to weave in kit.  Can’t see it, but it’s being done on a 16 inch loom.

Ah those closeups that aren’t really close!

A wet pumpkin I just photographed in the garden.  Maybe I should pick it?
I walked by and she growled at me.  Chloe loves to growl.  She is so amusing.  
The woods beyond are really very dense but it’s hard to tell.  The leaves are going, going, almost gone.  I will miss them.

Where I am supposed to be weaving that bracelet.  Back to it.

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