Mini Mirrix Goes to The Beach

While Claudia and Elena are working feverishly to get everything ready for the weave-along, the Mini Mirrix is on vacation. She’s headed to the beach. That’s the great thing about the Mini Mirrix (which is just her nickname, she’s really the Loreli Loom), she can go ANYWHERE. In fact, when she flys, she doesn’t have to be in a checked bag (**disclaimer, please check with your airline before flying with any of your looms) and when she goes to the beach, she can easily ride in any little tote.

The Mini Mirrix at the pool

She even goes hiking sometimes… she loves to bead at the top of a mountain and enjoys making a quick bracelet after a nice walk by the lake.

The Mini Mirrix going for a hike

If you want your own little summer-day companion, use the discount code summerloreli for $10 off a Mini Mirrix in the Mirrix Store (*cannot be combined with any other offer). Good until July 31st when she returns home from vacation to attend my wedding. Hoping she weaves something nice for me to wear to the wedding…

Even looms like to tan sometimes
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