Thank you Elena

For winning that pendant ( and inspiring me to weave these two tapestry pendants.  Well, it was your idea, after all.

Yesterday, I warped up a sixteen inch loom (could have been a smaller loom, but one with a shedding device) which happened to be sitting empty on my work table.  I used an 18 dent spring and some C-Lon beading cord.  I made the piece about 24 warps wide.  I used 100% hand-dyed silk for one and 100% commercial rayon floss for the second one.  There are no hard fast rules for this piece except maybe to make sure you use fairly thin warp and fine weft so that this piece is a miniature and not just a small tapestry.

I finished the two piece by folding over the ends and backing them with ultra-suede.  I then trimmed them with beads.  I filled each piece with a penny for weight and good luck.  Lastly, I sewed a circle of beads for hanging.

I think these pieces would do best on a piece of rattail or a thin strand of leather.  A complicated necklace would take away from the pendant.  A simple beaded necklace would also work.

Silk tapestry

Rayon floss tapestry

Compare the two!

I threw on a silk cord, but I think I can do better than this.

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