The Headband Project: A Recap of the beginning

I’ve been working on a little project (you can see my posts at the Inside Mirrix blog)┬ámaking a woven headband and wanted to recap my progress so far on this blog.

I decided a few weeks ago that I need a new headband. Instead of heading down to the H&M, I decided to make my own. I purchased some plain plastic headbands in varying sizes and began a simple weaving on my 16″ Mirrix using cotton and novelty yarn weft and C-Lon warp. I have a few inches of weaving to go before I begin assembling the headband!

Blank Headbands
The weaving, so far

4 thoughts on “The Headband Project: A Recap of the beginning

  1. Could you please tell more detail such as width and coil used. I find it hard to determine what sett to use when using thick and thin wefts. I try to make little bundles all the same thickness, but that doesn't always work.Thanks!

  2. Sure thing!

    I used a 10 dpi warp coil and warped an inch and a half across (15 dents). It will pull in some and I wanted to leave some space on the edges to sew around once it's on the headband (which is an inch thick at the widest point). I will weave the piece until it is about fifteen and a half inches long which will leave enough room for me to fold over and sew the ends.

    I started this project on the Mirrix Marketing blog so you can get more details about [the beginning of] this project by reading my posts there. (

    Hope that helps!


  3. Update: I ended up using a headband blank that was an inch and a half at the thickest point. This made it tough to sew the backing on at that wide point, but it worked out. If you are to use a headband that thick, I suggest warping 17 dents across with a ten dent spring (or, about 1.75 inches).

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