How to Give Your Mirrix a Bath

Unvarnished copper tarnishes. Eventually the copper on your Mirrix Loom will start to look like an old penny. You can either live with this, or do something about it. We at Mirrix use eco-friendly means to polish our looms, both for the environment and for our bodies. We experimented with two formulas made from pantry staples. Our first experiment consisted of baking soda and vinegar.
It didn’t work very well and made a complete mess with little white baking soda flakes all over the studio in seconds flat. So, we decided to add to this formula another formula we had read about: lemon juice and salt. The addition of these didn’t seem to improve upon our original formula. 
We started again. This time we used fine table salt and lemon juice. It was like magic, and smelled good too. 
The left bar was cleaned. Compare it to the right bar. 
See the shine in the middle! 
How do you clean the shedding device? You remove the brass pieces by unscrewing them. The two brass pieces are female with a male insert. 
Polish your shedding device and reinsert the pieces when you’re done. Good as new! You will be the envy of Mirrix owners everywhere and your hands will smell good too. Isn’t it nice to know that you’ve safely cleaned your loom with bare hands? 
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