Social Market for a Mirrix

Here’s where I’m at right now with this small tapestry. The piece is currently 4.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long. I’m thinking 7 inches long will be about right. So, another 1.5 inches to go. Once it’s off the loom, I’ll decide whether to embellish it with beads or not. It feels a little bit like a landscape to me.

I’ve started thinking about the next project and pulling supplies out of my storage bins. I have some great Frabjous Fibers Sari Ribbon that I haven’t worked with before which could be interesting. The colors are jewel tones and are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe embellish the piece with embroidery and beads once it’s off the loom. Or maybe monoprint the final piece before it’s beaded. I think it would have to be a fairly large piece in order to do the Sari Ribbon justice though.

I’m also thinking about doing a monotone piece using yarns of different textures for variation. Maybe all in white or shades of white. I never work in white so that could be a challenge.

I also came across some Ozark Handspun in pinks and greys during my scavenger hunt which could be interesting to use in a freeform piece. Sort of a “fiber collage” type of weaving.

And then there’s the fabric that I monoprinted during my printmaking days that could be torn into strips and woven.

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