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I am putting together my notes, so I can include alot of my personal techniques and tips, about looming, (I have experienced, explored and tested). It will be exciting to share many new things about ‘Bead Looming’, and I will include all the information, from my personal journel titled, ‘Bead Looming Confidential’. You will notice additions and changes to this page, from time to time, because of this. We may ‘never find the end of the internet’, but can we find the end of ‘frustration over dealing with the warp strings’!

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Finishing Split Loom Piece

Good morning my loom friends! I have a photo I took the other day after I took the piece off from the loom and wove in the center threads. Today I am going to work on finishing this piece and take many pics along the way. I did take a video of the piece when I took it off from the loom. Due to technical difficulties, it won’t be available until next week. I am hoping to have ALL the tech things straightened out by then! (long, aggravating story LOL)

I am really excited to get this finished so I can see it all done LOL I haven’t made a split loom piece in a while and have missed it, so I plan on many many more! This will have graduated apatite faceted rondelles on the fringe. I have been hoarding them and they evidently were waiting to be on here ;) Perfect match!

Weaving the threads in on this piece has been a breeze. The Delicas accommodate the threads very nicely and I have not had problem one doing that! I am debating on the closure as it stands right now. I may make a double sided toggle/buttonholes like I did on my first split loomed piece. It looks nice and can work for either right hand of left hand closings and just balances the back out..which is also cool LOL

Have a great day and I shall post more on here tomorrow!